perhaps if you spent a little less time mashing random buttons with your hammy fingers you would know that

one day, a monkey came to my home and ate all my longan.

Recently a dust been appearing in my photos.

The preparation of booya often takes up to two days, generally cooked in specially designed booyah kettles

The fact, that one cut ã. ã. too much here all ã ' the small wheel of ã. ã. ã. ã. with the hats "

Wow Extremelly low tech, higher it by adding shadows and bright spots...

Greetings from the Internet Movie Database

Gnome: *DEAD* !RedBullGivesYouStrokes! : never say faggots in front of me you straigh tdeck :[ you have no heart you carnivourous gay and vegan is the only way we are

(the black seed shows through the translucent flesh like a pupil/iris)

The body can clearly be seen through the wings

The wok is heated to a dull red glow.

Feel Strong. Be Healthy. Save On Balls Hair.

Plus, it turns me on anyway because when I rub off to it, I pretend the girl is both me and dead.

J u a n|Space Grrlz •̪̀● ́: everyone knows sam walton's ghost is the patron saint of trampling

BZ produces effects not just in individuals, but also in groups. Sharing of illusions and hallucinations (folie à deux, folie en famille, and "mass hysteria") is exemplified by two BZ-intoxicated individuals who would take turns smoking an imaginary cigarette clearly visible to both of them but to no one else.[2] [Clarification] When one observed subject mumbled, "Gotta cigarette?" His delirious companion held out an invisible pack, he followed with, "S'okay, don't wanna take your last one."
In another test it was reported two victims of BZ played tennis with imaginary rackets.[3]

Categories: Edible salt | Liquid water

Compartmentalization is the premise behind the thick padding and high seatbacks on North American yellow school buses as a means of passive restraint.

420andsuch (1 month ago)
i like how this video is exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds long

He vomited twice and had a bout of diarrhea that left the spacecraft full of small globules of vomit and feces that the crew cleaned up to the best of their ability.

vomiting into a space suit could be fatal.

proper knackered, poos and wees his bed

I noticed the first time I used this it made my teeth squeak and chatter. I don't like that feeling.

Kristen Stewart portrays a male to female transsexual prisoner with autism named Butterfly.

9:45 PM - Jeem: who here knows some good salmon recipes
9:46 PM - ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ: dont u just eat them right out of the river

[District][Advent]: lol, now I'm a 10 year old garbage man that sucks "niggerdicks"

But a jury found him guilty of murder and he was given life.

Mike Tyson: Because I think I’m a pig. I have this uncanny ability to look at myself in the mirror and say, "This is a pig. You are a fucking piece of shit."
Details: Sounds painful.
Mike Tyson: No, not at all. Objectively, I’m a pig.

It is not red nor is it round. A granite/marble faceted slab shaped like a grotesque head, flattened like a tombstone laid on end. It's bright and reflecting (our) sun

The Space Man reloads his strange gun.

The light falling on the city of Chicago has a total force of about 300 pounds.

2:10 AM - jeem: there's a spider nest in my recycling box
2:10 AM - jeem: so i'm never recycling again
2:10 AM - jeem: you did this to yourself mother nature

astronauts usually wear underwear for three or four days before putting them in a capsule that is ejected and burns up in the atmosphere. Other clothes are worn 'for months'.

Father Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory, stated: "In my opinion this possibility (of life on other planets) exists"; "intelligent beings, created by God may exist in outer space" and "some aliens could even be free from original sin" concluding "there could be (other beings) who remained in full friendship with their creator"

Children made fun of him for his limp and deformed appearance, and adults called him “Daft Peter.” He wandered the poor neighborhoods of Hull at night, burning down houses.

This is my pug Levi, or Sniggies. He has Social Separation Anxiety. So this meaning, he screams when he is alone.

The scene is completely amateur because at one point one of the kids is about to unload and he looks at the cameraman and says, "I'm going to cum" and the guy responds, "OK."

In 1999 a Miami University male professor was banned from using the school's recreation center because he refused to stop wearing thong swimwear. The professor challenged the school in court.

In 2007 reports surfaced in Florida of a man wearing a thong or g-string walking around at 4 am, spurring police reports and a news release. Though police confirm that no laws were broken, the article refers to those who saw the man as "victims."

admin. plss band this id. sTinky-Brat..... he play aimbot and wallhack...... plss band.. 5 hours ago

On the 11th of July, 1917, sightseers at The Gap at Sydney’s South Head watched in astonishment as an unknown man ran toward the edge of the cliff, at the last minute drawing a revolver and shooting himself in the head, his body tumbling into the surf below. Onlookers watched as his body drifted out to sea, until they could see him no more.

4:47 PM - HURGHT: what was the plot of the core?
4:48 PM - 回: hack the planet
4:48 PM - Juan!: bounce is accurate

And as the Earth's wailing rises into the sky, the pyramids thrust titanic bolts of energy far into space.

Play with control, replay if you something isn't creal.

“President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob,” Santorum told an applauding audience.

He and other owners of a house had heard noises, and thought they were ghosts. The value of the house plummeted, and he sold it. The buyers did not believe in ghosts, and determined the noises were from catfish trapped in the sewer pipes.

You cannot get dehydrated from drinking water.

>Likes: Other Furries, Gaming, swimming
>Dislikes: Haters

I'm Female.
I'm Bisexual.
I'm Wiccan.
I'm a Gamer.
I'm an Anthro.
I'm a bitch, get over it. :3

“I can’t believe I burned down a tree older than Jesus,” Barnes allegedly told friends while showing them photos of the burning tree she snapped with her cellphone.

Some people believe that the tree is still alive.

a clone of The Senator was planted near the playground. The name for the clone is "The Phoenix".

Pages creamy-tanned, crisp, tightly bound as new. Former owner infor written inside front cover. Cover is tanned, with light soil and several small stains, shallow creases, edge wear. Small chip in lower spine edge.

If threatened, the baby will open its mouth and quietly hiss until the threat is gone.

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Part of the play comes from Ensler's interviews with a six-year-old girl, which included sexually intimate questions such as what her vagina smells like.[10]

The males are built for the only purpose of inseminating the queen, and can't even feed themselves for the few days of their lives.[3] During "the quick and violent mating, the male literally explodes his internal genitalia into the genital chamber of the queen and quickly dies."[3][4]

Legends also state that placing an obese or festively plump female on the side of a road after midnight will attract the Nuno out of hiding, thus allowing those afflicted to seek their revenge on the goblin. The Nuno has an odd affinity for large bodied mammals of the opposite sex.

1:46 AM - Gnome: Superiority, a 1951 short story by Arthur C. Clarke which anticipates some themes of Dilbert

Electric Dylan Controversy

Loading up an empty elevator car with discarded Christmas trees, pressing the button for the top floor, then throwing in a match, so that by the time the car reaches the top it is ablaze with heat so intense that the alloy (called “babbitt”) connecting the cables to the car melts, and the car, a fireball now, plunges into the pit: this practice, apparently popular in New York City housing projects, is inadvisable.

Jimmy, a tiny marmoset, August 16th 1937 - There isn't enough darkness in the world to quench the light of one small candle.

The Greenbrier can assist with hosting parties in the Bunker using a James Bond, M*A*S*H or spy themes.

This helmet is pretty cool. I go outside with the helmet on my head and the toy guns in my hand and I pretend I'm fighting in world war II.

A bib is a garment worn hanging from the neck on the chest to protect clothing from spilling.

Sony is more open to doing PC stuff than Microsoft,

Stay hydrated so you are sure to have enough tears to make.

Lindsey theorized that locust-like creatures referenced in the Book of Revelation were actually helicopters, which John had never seen and thus did not know how to describe.

In Iraq there was a show, Put Him in Bucca, where fake bombs were planted in celebrities cars and they were threatened with death and prison.

Darth Maul appears in a Brisk commercial, fighting Yoda to support The Phantom Menace in 3D. He claims to have been at a wild party the night before, which causes his lightsaber to malfunction. He crashes into a Brisk vending machine, jumps up, and yells, "Double saber delicious!" before getting crushed by the vending machine.

As alpha male, Frodo maintained his position largely through intimidation. He rarely groomed other males, and often demanded that other males groom him.

and lone behold a MASSIVE BEAST was summoned,

Good evening, definition of mental abuse

Five sounding rockets left a trail of clouds on the cusp of space.

A lot of kids at my high school give me so much fucking shit because I don’t shave. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? They’re the ones who can’t accept the fact that they’re going to grow hair on their pits. If buddha or whomever created us didn’t want girls to have to have hairy armpits we wouldn’t have them. So fuck the the materialistic preppy bitches.

17: The Žižkov Television Tower in Prague, Czech Republic. Designed by Václav Aulický and Jiří Kozák and completed in 1992. The tower is adorned with sculptures of crawling babies.

I had a benevolent tumor in my head at the age of six,

The apocryphal Acts of Peter gives a legendary tale of Simon Magus' death. Simon is performing magic in the Roman Forum, and in order to prove himself to be a god, he flies up into the air. The apostle Peter prays to God to stop his flying, and he stops mid-air and falls, breaking his legs, whereupon the crowd, previously non-hostile, stones him to death

For the third trial Alcala elected to act as his own attorney. He took the stand in his own defense, and for five hours played the roles of both interrogator and witness, asking himself questions (addressing himself as "Mr. Alcala" in a deeper-than-normal voice), and then answering them.

The two men spent barely twenty minutes at the ocean floor, eating chocolate bars for sustenance.

Users were supposed to bait the interior with meat.

The refrigerator analogy is flawed. There are no porn movies about refrigerators. When you make a movie called "Queefing Squirting Coeds" (Totally Tasteless [2]) or "Amber the Lesbian Queefer" (Unknown studio [3]), you establish that there is, in fact, a fetish audience out there.

She's so cute. I would love to get a whiff of her ass.

When I casually mention see-through tops, Brie rips open her jacket: She’s wearing one, with a neon-pink bra underneath. “Oh my gosh,” she says. “I’m all about seeing your bra through your clothes.”

Rush spent his childhood fascinated by Marcel Proust and Batman comics.[citation needed]

"Santa Claus delivers a new child into a world of violence and death"

Usher, as Marvin Gaye, performing "Can I Get a Witness" (Episode 7)
Third Eye Blind, as The Kinks, performing "All Day and All of the Night" (Episode 23)
Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff, as The Shangri-Las, performing "Leader of the Pack" (Episode 33)

Winged skeletons can’t use their wings to fly. If the base creature flew magically, so can the skeleton.

A skeleton has no skills.

Sorry for my ignorance, but can anyone tell me if negative pressure can destroy your home?

In the sequel series to the original Transformers comics, more of the history of Cybertron and the Transformer race was revealed, as Optimus Prime discovered that they had once possessed the ability to asexually reproduce by "budding".

At the start of puberty, some young females with little or no breast development can grow three or more cup sizes within a few days.
The swelling generally creates intense heat. The breasts can become fireballs, turning red, itchy, and feverish. The skin can actually begin to peel.
Beach towels were rolled up and placed underneath my breasts for support, while four elasticized cloth bandages were wound around to lift and hold the contraption in place. My breasts were extremely heavy, weighing approximately ten pounds each.

Undigested objects such as seeds can pass through the human gut, and later germinate. One result of this is tomato plants growing where sewage sludge has been used as fertilizer.

Each of the squid's suckers is ringed with sharp teeth, and the beak can tear flesh, although it is believed they lack the jaw strength to crack heavy bone.

Doctors accidentally tear baby's head off as mother struggles to give birth in Brazilian hospital:
The baby boy's headless body remained inside the mother and had to be removed by Caesarian.

Why Don’t Woodpeckers Get Brain Damage?

Prisoners in the camps live according to ten basic rules:
1. You must not escape.

The horses, all trusting and trained to be gentle with people, had deep gashes on their rumps, hocks and hips.

Giles County School Board changes display with Ten Commandments:
School Board voted to replace the document in the plaque, with a page from an American History textbook that has a picture of the Ten Commandments

The pupil is a hole

Exercise bikes are used for exercise, to increase general fitness

4:53 PM - Gnome: The people who sit down at the door and try to scare the grackles from flying in and landing in the organic salad bar, also known as bird greeters

Cat eating corn-on-the-cob, 1951

a voiced uvular fricative, often with accompanying lip-rounding

- Detecting scorpions

In the show, the four colourful Teletubbies play in the cheerful and fun Teletubbyland. They do things that little children like to do, such as rolling on the grass, laughing, running about, and watching real children on the televisions on their bellies.

The "new animal psychology" (German: neue Tierpsychologie) had been developed by Karl Krall and others to characterize the reasoning abilities of animals, particularly canine philosophers such as the Airedale terrier Rolf,
Another German dog, asked "Who is Adolf Hitler?," responded "'Mein Führer!'"

My dad breathed on my face and I woke up. Haven't had a health problem since.

Male erections are common for children and infants, and even occur before birth.[19]

you need to pay for this crypt

If, during the credits, the user pressed the "B" button, a dancing man would appear on the screen. The man appears to be Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario; the music you can hear in the background (while he's dancing) is actually a Jamaican riddim called punnany (played by several reggae/dancehall artists). [11]

Belladonna at my studio lighting her hair on fire.

hip bumps, ankle twining or head bumping

Lifting the nose and tilting the head back slightly: "I acknowledge you."
Cats sitting in windows may greet you in this manner as you walk by.

Face sniffing: Confirming identity.

Full wire-rim specs with aggressive, skeletal temples with ornamental hinges. Rounded acetate arms are embossed with a gold Affliction logo and topped off with skulls on the tips.

Also, they're trolls. Not hippos.

Thompson has said that he acquired his vocal style as a teenager, when a Thai neighbor asked him to sing "Oh! Darling" by The Beatles and to "Scream it like you hate that bitch!"

Eat Cheetos with Chopsticks to Keep Hands Clean [Clever Uses]
Hide Bars of Soap Around Your Home for Fresher Smells [Clever Uses]
Make Your Own Stuffed Crust Pizza [Foodhacks]
Hack an Old Pair of Cargo Pants Into a Dog Cooling Vest [Pets]

A common joke in Virginia, referencing the image on the state seal and dating at least as far back as the Civil War, is that "Sic semper tyrannis" actually means "Get your foot off my neck."

Males participate in a behavior called puddling, in which they congregate on mud, damp gravel, or puddles.

Certain moths, mainly of the subfamily Calpinae, are somewhat notorious for their blood- and tear-drinking habits. Hemiceratoides hieroglyphica of Madagascar has been noted to visit and suck tears by inserting their proboscis into the closed eyelids of roosting birds.[13] Some species of the genus Calyptra are called "vampire moths" as they suck blood from sleeping vertebrates, including humans.

A hesperiid sucking on a bird-dropping

How do you go from making Oliver Stone movies to being in a feud with warlocks?

» Innocent teen girl - Hey I live in your city. I'm smart and beautiful.

Plaster cast of fake doo-doo, covered in rainbow paint and glitter. 3 x 3.5 x 1 in., 2007. Edition of 7. $100

How to Touch a Girl: 20 steps (with pictures) - wikiHow

How to Be a Romantic Teenager

In a series of cryptic and somewhat incoherent videos recorded and uploaded via an Android mobile phone, Vincent took on the new pseudonym of "Bishop Nigga."

Pervert Sucks Unconscious Girls Breasts In Street

A type of selective perceptual distortion known as the Honi phenomenon causes some married persons to perceive less size distortion of the spouse than a stranger in an Ames room.

Draw the head shape and roughly sketch out the pose of the angel or fairy you pictured in your mind.

she brought the practice of premastication into the spotlight when she posted a video of herself kiss-feeding her son, resulting in mixed reactions from the public.

Halfway through my bearded lady genderfuck striptease.

12:21 AM - Gnome: can you be hiv positive
12:21 AM - Gnome: like body positive
12:21 AM - Gnome: pos positive

How to Dual Wield Pistols (Handguns)

How to Deal With an Alcoholic Parent
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Get Your Mom to Stop Blogging About Your Life

Make sure to get all of the beer out of your hair.

How to Tell if Something Is Gum
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Crazy Horse received a black stone from a medicine man named Horn Chips

naked, covered in blood, standing in the middle of the street, and screaming at the sky.

Exhibit A: My soul mate planting a slobberrrry kiss right into one of my glorious pits.

As of right now I am in a relationship with an overpass named Anna Maria. Anna Maria lives (well, is located really) in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

Veins in meat, Clusters of holes.

Gnome: As a member of our Meat retail team, your role will include setting and maintaining attractive Meat displays and supporting the regional Meat vision.

Butt Shot In Beverly Hills

One of very few positive reviews came from Clint Morris of "Moviehole", who said it was "A helluva lot of fun...babes, beats and bad-ass skate stunts."

Prior to copulation, each of the two snails (or slugs) attempt to "shoot" one (or more) darts into the other snail (or slug). There is no organ to receive the dart; this action is more analogous to a stabbing, or to being shot with an arrow. The dart does not fly through the air to reach its target however; instead it is fired as a contact shot.

Act as if You're a Certain Type of Person to Become that Person [Mind Hacks]

A platypus is born with teeth, but these drop out at a very early age, leaving the horny plates with which it grinds its food

Spending lots of time in the direct draft of a fan can cause severe dehydration.

the yolk becomes a dark green to grey colour, with a creamy consistency and an odor of sulphur and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, translucent jelly with little flavor.

Furbies were banned from the National Security Agency of the United States due to concerns that they may be used to record and repeat classified information.[7]

A number of companies sell sophisticated devices that attempt to measure mouthfeel. The TA.XT2i Texture Analyser, produced by the Texture Technologies Corporation, performs calculations based on data derived from as many as 250 separate probes.

I just sit and watch movies, stroking my soft pitfluff.

Physiologically speaking, a human has two noses

Pringles isn’t just a snack. It’s a way of life. Kick convention to the curb, and embrace your playful spirit.

It can be viewed as a hairstyle, or as a hair disease.
Uncombed hair becomes irreversibly entangled, forming a matted, malodorous and encrusted or sticky moist mass.
, made of a hard impenetrable mass of keratin fibers permanently cemented together with dried pus, blood, old lice egg-casings and dirt.

The clinicians began their research last summer after Edwards’ 16-year-old son son “came out” to him as a brony.

Although sometimes called "aerosol cheese", its container is not actually an aerosol spray can, because the cheese does not combine with a propellant (nitrogen) to turn into a fine mist upon being sprayed.

Briefly Visible Labia

Freezing and thawing opened fissures in the Old Man's forehead.

Sal Ivone, former managing editor, said, "If someone calls me up and says their toaster is talking to them, I don't refer them to professional help, I say, 'Put the toaster on the phone'."

A fossilized tornado found underground.

X-99 says:
Why this absurd condition? Dogs on roof only? Why? What purpose does it solve?
Posted 7 months ago.

Fraser was the youngest child of six; her father worked as a tool maker in a factory. "He would come home sometimes with this metal beard," she says, "all these tiny bits of metal embedded in his face."

An attempted murder trial in Brooklyn was delayed because a juror had an audition for Law & Order.

They will become hostile if the player casts a healing spell on them.

Set in a fantastic world of flesh, rock and steel,

During breeding season, the male will attempt to attract females by calling.
This call is a loud booming noise.

Press Esc to exit full screen mode.

- You have been logged for raging. You are now in the rage list!

My pits are one of my favorite parts of my body. I usually shave on the solstice/equinox to literally start over and let go of previous experiences.

People at the i3 Detroit hackerspace built these bunk couches.

whined profoundly

On the occasions that he would become angry or annoyed, he would call any opponents "bucko," even going as far as calling The Fonz this on several occasions.

Another picnic table pyramid rises during the night

Study Says Restricting Junk Food Sold In Schools Could Help Slow Child Obesity Rates

In all the games, this protagonist is a futuristic marine that is never specifically referred to by name. In Chinese the character is known as the "Extermination Warrior"

Clammy skin may be an emergency. Call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Anonymous "I think Emily's cheek bone implants...earlier she has not so significant"

Many other names, such as catfisting, grabbling, graveling, hogging, dogging, gurgling, tickling and stumping, are used in different regions for the same activity.

As the actors were working under hot studio lights in conditions in excess of 100 degrees, they spent most of their time passing out.

The company claims its founder, Thomas W. Holley, invented the legal pad, and no other company has challenged this claim; however, no patent was filed for the invention, and details of the invention are largely absent, including the reason for the pads' yellow color, which costs 10 to 20 percent more than plain white to produce.

Are you really taking a picture of me while I Live Life Naked?

Too Many Softspots on Mysterio

Amply cut for casual comfort

The sun is the roundest natural object known to humans, according to new research.

The jays then gathered around the dead body, forming large cacophonous aggregations. The calls they made, known as "zeeps", "scolds" and "zeep-scolds", encouraged new jays to attend to the dead.

House centipedes have been observed to groom their legs by curling around and grooming them with their forcipules.

Mom got so exhausted chasing baby around that she held him in her jaw for 20 minutes just so she could have a nap!

As of 2006, Bono has taken piano lessons from his children's piano teacher as a means to improve his songwriting.[35]

People in Newfoundland go mummering at Christmas

—stalwart men, now nothing but mere walking skeletons, covered with filth and vermin.

It’s been about 4 months and my pits are looking so beautiful and the smell that lingers there gets more delicious as the magical area gets fuzzier and fuzzier~

I’m hairy all over and fucking loving it.

Marines Pissing On Dead Men In Afghanistan

Face Genes Control Human Facial Shape

Carbonated drinks have been tried in space, but are not favored due to changes in belching caused by microgravity; without gravity to separate the liquid and gas in the stomach, burping results in a kind of vomiting called "wet burping".

Mystic Industries Dracula Vehicle Costume

Taoists and some fields of alternative medicine recommend and teach deliberate retrograde ejaculation as a way of "conserving the body's energy".
It was believed that doing this caused the sperm to travel into the head and nourish the brain, or that energy is conserved physically by keeping the sperm (and thereby, the "intelligence" that created it) in the body. This approach has since been discredited by modern medicine,

"Squeaky-voiced teen" redirects here. For the fictional character, see Squeaky-Voiced Teen (The Simpsons).

On the few occasions Ted left his room, he was enclosed in a spacesuit and helmet, with an air pump that expelled pathogens. The suit drew so much attention that he rarely chose to leave. His sister remembers that the only time Ted wasn’t stared at was at a Star Trek convention.

In more recent years, shipwrecks have also provided bases for deepwater communities.

Several complications resulting from nursing with nipple jewelry inserted can include poor latch, slurping, gagging, and milk leaking from the baby's mouth.

Ears were probably first pierced for magical purposes, very many primitive tribes believe that demons can enter the body through the ear, because demons and spirits are supposed to be repelled by metal, ear-piercing prevents them entering the body. Sailors used to have an ear pierced to improve eyesight, and if the bodies washed up somewhere it would pay for a christian burial.

When the bodies of Former Human's decay, they become Revenants. Casting away the shackles of muscle and flesh, and powered by foul magic, these undead monstrosities are far stronger and faster than human beings and no longer need to wield human weaponry.

“I was shocked when I saw her on the pavement. She was on the road, small and pitiful, in a puddle of blood, surrounded by a crowd. Her arms and neck were broken,” the man said.

Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette

McQueen is also given homage in the popular MMO World of Warcraft. There is an NPC dedicated to Alexander McQueen that is a Tailoring Trainer. This trainer is also the only one on the horde side that gives a special quest Cloth Scavenging.[67]

Runner Falls, Gets Trampled, Stands Up, Starts Running Again and Wins Third Place

Things like landing from a jump causing the character to pancake to the ground like a cartoon, hitting random on the character creation screen and turning into a box, an NPC in a cutscene running around on fire in the background until exploding into a giant torrent of blood, etc.

but it appears the spit has worked because Hulk mutters something in a growly sex voice


Use Leftover Bacon Drippings to Make an Oil Lamp

A fresco in the 13th-century Plaincourault Abbey in France depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, flanking a Tree of Knowledge that has the appearance of a gigantic Amanita muscaria, a poisonous and psychoactive mushroom.

He would have episodes about twice a year that lasted three weeks to three months at a time. In each episode, the child would say that everyone is dead, including trees. He would also describe himself as being a dead body. He warned that the world would be destroyed within a few hours. He showed no reaction to pleasurable stimuli and showed no interest in any activities.

Between 2008 and 2010, Gatorade re-branded a number of its products.[28] Original Gatorade was initially re-labeled as Gatorade G. Gatorade Rain was re-labeled as No Excuses. Gatorade AM was re-labeled Shine On; Gatorade X-Factor was relabeled as Be Tough; and Gatorade Fierce was relabeled Bring It.

A mating plug, also known as a copulation plug, sperm plug, vaginal plug, sement or sphragis, is gelatinous secretion used in the mating of some species. It is deposited by a male into a female genital tract and later hardens into a plug or glues the tract together.

Jumping on an enemy will defeat it, and the player will earn points for doing so.

Ending Titanic's 15-week-long hold on the first place position, Lost in Space was referred to by some as "the Iceberg."

Gentleman Burglar Maru. (Please imagine a helicopter in the sky.)

I hope that everyone loves pets and the best pet is cat. Off course a cat is my favorite one. I love cats with beautiful eyes. The cats have more beautiful eyes than that of your girlfriend. But have you ever seen a cat sneezing?

The short answer is that our burgers do rot under the right conditions

Looney Bird was originally portrayed as a drunk, but went on to become a tech nerd

The early baseball leagues were very cost-conscious, so fans would have to throw back balls that had been hit into the stands.

You may say a cat uses good grammar. Well, a cat does—but you let a cat get excited once; you let a cat get to pulling fur with another cat on a shed, nights, and you'll hear grammar that will give you the lockjaw. Ignorant people think it's the NOISE which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain't so; it's the sickening grammar they use. The Leading Jpeg Files Site on the Net

The female penguins, even when in a committed relationship, will exchange sexual favors with strange males for the pebbles they need to build their nests.

Steampunk Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento describes the use of pepper and turpentine enemas by police forces as a way of discouraging political dissent in post-independence Argentina.

Among the collectors of aeronautical memorabilia there is a sub-culture of sickness-bag aficionados.

Disfigured by Excessive Procedures

He lit a commercial grade firework, believing it to be a candle.
The firework exploded and blew off his hand to the wrist.

Gandalf, the agoraphobic owl, is given his own brick house
An owl who is afraid of flying outside in big open spaces has been given his own red brick house.

Rounded (voluptuous) or hollow (athletic)

Damn she is so gorgeous. I want to hold her naked body in my arms and lay down into my bed with her.

Emma Roberts is blamed for breaking the yogurt machine which is spewing out fluid flooding the store.

My Cunt Itches. I watched my cunt care DVD that I got on Ebay, and it does not help. I believe I was robbed when I bought that DVD. Can I demand a refund from the seller?

Antibacterial Hygeian cunt Care
2. Application:
2.1 Washing, sterilizing and removing the odor off the male and female’s vulva.

Pharaohs Coffin Front Pharaohs Coffin Front

This video is a response to Oprah pees for ten minutes.

Avoid wasting your abilities on creeps.

Sexy man tight latex catsuit with penis sheath

Zeldabro: heal the tickle nigger
[Team Say | Survivors] InsaneStorm: Tickle Nigger, Come closer.

beavers receive huge meaty presents

Hot young flesh ripped into wet pieces by powerful penetrations anddeadly dicks.

Hotlips is a 4 month old female, She is a little shy but loves to play with other cats.

Occupation - Preacher, former professional wrestler, Ex KKK Leader

label comes off when pouring out the medicine

Much of the early European exploration and trade of Canada was based on the quest for beaver.

As of 2011 the price of purple drank in Houston is twice the price in Los Angeles.[14]

yet all is okay , you can visit it.

If you rub an animal’s belly, levels rise. If you lick her, oxytocin also rises, but if you rub yourself it won’t. You cannot love yourself. There is more.

Anecdotal reports and folk wisdom say children who handle dandelions can end up wetting the bed. Dandelions are reputed to be a potent diuretic.[25] English folk names for the plant are "peebeds" and "pissabeds".[26] In French dandelions are called pissenlit, which means "urinate in bed"; likewise "piscialletto", an Italian folkname, and "meacamas" in Spanish.[27]

Hip Doggie Gangster Tank Top for Dogs

You've just referred to masturbating as "cool", welcome to the lame club. I've made this slip up before, you cannot escape.

Biopunk hobbyists or biohackers experiment with DNA and other aspects of genetics.

Typical behaviors include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking.

(12:50:36 AM) Gnome: Yunghalm relates that he saw in Java a plain far as the eye could reach entirely covered with skeletons, and took it for a battlefield; they were, however, merely the skeletons of large turtles, five feet long and three feet broad, and the same height, which come this way out of the sea in order to lay their eggs, and are then attacked by wild dogs (Canis rutilans), who with their united strength lay them on their backs, strip off their lower armour, that is, the small shell of the stomach, and so devour them alive. But often then a tiger pounces upon the dogs. Now all this misery repeats itself thousands and thousands of times, year out, year in. For this, then, these turtles are born. For whose guilt must they suffer this torment ? Where fore the whole scene of horror? To this the only answer is : it is thus that the will to live objectifies itself

There are 13 circular structures along the bottom that may be gonads, slime organs, or something else entirely.

Mutual Grooming in Human Relationships

Whistlin' Pete's green glass eyes catch the sunlight.

“Welcome to the Pisshouse,” Allen said, smiling.

He quickly digs a shallow trench in the sand and buries himself, pulling a cardboard box over his head. He stays there for hours.

The beak opens up like a grotesque flower;

A Space Marine can even track down his target by taste.

dynamesh from a sphere, retopologized

Worm charming, worm grunting, and worm fiddling are methods of attracting earthworms from the ground.
"Worm grunting" generally refers to the use of a "stob", a wooden stake that is driven into the ground, and a "rooping iron" which is used to rub the stob.

I need a serious answer. Why doesn't the paparazzi takes pictures of their butts anymore? Why?

Also, when I was a kid, my cousin showed me a clip from a porno that he stole from his parents. In this particular clip, a lady was going at it with a large black double sided dildo. For some reason, I thought this thing was actually part of her reproductive organs. I thought that all women had these things inside of them, and they'd come out whenever they were "in the mood".

Smegma is normal in all males, even human. I remember having to clean my horses sheath as a kid, bleh!

American tourists visiting Germany in the late 19th century were shocked to see the students with facial scars - some older, some more recent, and some still wrapped in bandages.

The body is controlled by chemicals.

Gnome: are deep sea fish uglier bc they can't see each other
Bounce: its b/c theyre corrupted by the void
Gnome: oh
Gnome is now Away.

the song asks the fortunate to consider the plight of the less fortunate and ends with one of Foster's favorite images: "a pale drooping maiden".

Reznor's lyrics express adolescent angst and feelings of betrayal by lovers, society, or God.[3]

imitating the gross murmurs of bees

Anonymous asked: hello love. what the biggest dick you've taken?

Fictitious clitoris research

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The authorities have identified a Siberian husky who was taken into custody after devouring a family's pepperoni pizza.

Unfortunately, orphanages will be making a comeback in the 21st century.

A little about me:

I am a guy that is becoming a pink disposable feminine pad, and later on I will be pressed against a vulva for a woman's period. I'm looking for more open-minded friends who are comfortable about this fate for me. I have wanted to become a pad since I was ten years old. I have a fascination with vampires and werewolves. I'm also a huge Twilight and Vampire Chronicles fan. I'm also a massive supporter of LGBT rights.

My 2013 New Years Resolutions:

1. To get my legal first name changed to Pad.
2. To start preparing for life as a feminine pad.
3. To bicycle across the United States.
4. To set a world record for having the largest pad collection.
5. To become a pink disposable feminine pad.

Currently I own 844 pads towards setting a world record for the largest pad collection. I am planning to donate myself and all the pads in the collection to women in need of pads once I have become a pad finally.

"I'm telling ya", Lott continued, "it was wild. The drummer lost one of his sticks, the piano player screamed and knocked his stool over, the guitar player's glasses were hanging sideways over his eyes."

The street curves 90 degrees and then changes its name.

Accused of being gay, Spanish priest challenges Church to measure his anus

Maru thru Maw

This period, known as the Degenerate Era, will last until the degenerate remnants finally decay.

Every time something touches my bruises, my brain thinks “Daddy loves me.”

That the sperm of a man be putrefied by itself in a sealed cucurbit for forty days with the highest degree of putrefaction in a horse’s womb, or at least so long that it comes to life and moves itself, and stirs, which is easily observed. After this time, it will look somewhat like a man, but transparent, without a body. If, after this, it be fed wisely with the Arcanum of human blood, and be nourished for up to forty weeks, and be kept in the even heat of the horse’s womb, a living human child grows therefrom, with all its members like another child, which is born of a woman, but much smaller.
This was the beginning of spermists' theory, who held the belief that the sperm was in fact a "little man" that was placed inside a woman for growth into a child

Stock Photo - Bread with raw herring isolated over white

They are named for their large flattened hooked bills and huge frog-like gape, which they use to capture insects. Their flight is weak.

Red gape color has been shown in several experiments
[...] the gape flanges remain somewhat swollen

from in the middle of high temperature fever I feel like a child once again and I transfer you this shine(and NOT the fever LoL)

By End of Day

Approach the group of men that resist to be eaten and spit at them as hard as you can.

Vishnu Basement Rocks

I just love her so much. She has such a nice soft face

Yeah, Ive always noticed how fat her pussy must be under there. Probably one of the biggest among celebs in bikinis in general.

When happy, ferrets may perform a routine known as the weasel war dance - which is characterized by a series of hops and frenzied attempts to bump into things.
This is often accompanied by a soft clucking noise called dooking. When upset ferrets make a hissing noise.

The only option is to ride a bike that is a butt spanking machine,

This 2009 image captures the scene on a foggy night in Odessa, Ukraine, when a digital billboard crashed and displayed a floating error warning in the night sky.

butterflies sucking fresh blood from a sock

All three verses allude to a sense of unending malaise,

Most doctors do not recommend subsisting entirely on worms. They are not considered part of a balanced and nutritious diet.

Jaws, a tall African-American male with an insatiable appetite.

Each time Kenny is killed, two of the other characters have this to say.

Stan: "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!"
Kyle: "You Bastard!"

It that means anything, and it probably does, it speaks to me of the fallen ones, the ancient gods and the Nephilim.

i’m a full-time queer prince, grunge queer scout

Can we cuddle my pale Texan ribbon?

Grinding is a sliding stunt performed in many extreme sports. Stances in which slides are performed are known as grinds.

Grinding is performed by sliding across the top of an obstacle, and can be accomplished in a number of ways. A range of equipment can be used to grind an object or obstacle and each sport lends the performer different options of obstacles and subsequent grind positions.

In side lying (top) the neck is completely supported; with a slight change in position (bottom) the penis is protected from insects

I hold any stress in my traps.

YouTube made me remove my other gay hip hop video.

The open parasol is as the umbrella, a signal anus and rayed sodomite sun portal.

Pizza's, like any mandala, might be used as a sodomy signal, or not. It depends on the context.

Vast White Pokemon

Personal Hygiene Image Gallery

Re: Lyrics Explanation Thread
who is ben frank/benjamin franklin?
wayne uses his name alot when speaking about money .. ?

Anime Is A Japanese Cartoon That Had To Do With Karate

clit-dominated imagery and theatrics

I'm not going to complain about good looking tits. So there's no point in discussing this further.

Click through to see this dress and her enviable glutes from every angle.

Not to say there isn't good porn between two consenting adults with no coercion, just that it's very much the exception.

Psychological gagging is the most difficult to treat since it is out of the dentist's control.

a blindfolded owl in zero gravity

And after adventure, he sleeps like a beetle larva in the box.

Ascoma the raw horse.

I came here in a Cookie Monster shirt because I wanted to, and I was going to wear the pants. But I thought you guys were going to judge me. I was going to wear the hat too. But I thought you guys would judge me.

Adult women wear beaded anklets to protect their legs from venomous animal bites.

NOTE: Symbols change on odd and even days.

Lives of Perfect Creatures
Dogs of the Soviet Space Program

This friendship between an 11 pound wiener dog and a 500 pound lion is the only of its kind in the world ever seen.

I advocate horseplay for weight loss.

Once they emerge, they spend their short two-week lives climbing trees, shedding their crunchy skins and reproducing.

Experienced birders can often make reliable identifications in the field at a glance by utilising jizz.

and next time I go to the park I'll definitely be looking for that indentation in the asphault...

The researchers used these confident words in place of being able to measure loudness online.

Body cleansing has been described by scientists as "a waste of time and money"

She is so cute and sweet looking in all her poses, and I can't get over how her dress shows off her sexy sternum

Parents can send their kids BBW e-cards

Many men find the pungent smell of a woman’s armpit intoxicatingly sensual. I am one of those guys who would bury his entire face and nose in his girlfriend’s underarms to smell those pheromones. Actually, the smell turns me on and makes me want to rape her there and then. Even babies cuddle up and place thier noses in thier mommy’s armpits.

Dog Pushes Man in Wheelchair through Flooded Streets

chaotic blindness

Man raking the south cat wallow while wearing a morion.

Always brush toward your heart.

Browne says she knows what it is like in Heaven. In her book The Other Side and Back, she says the temperature is a constant 78 °F (25.6 °C), that there are no insects unless one wants there to be, that pets go to Heaven, and that a house can be built wherever one wants.[24] She asserts that the "other side" exists approximately three feet above ground level and at a "higher vibrational level" and that makes it difficult for humans to perceive.

Keeping a pet pill bug requires a very moist habitat with limited light and lots of decaying plant matter.

Its pitch black now and there are animals everywhere, dead and alive.

Gnome: In young coconuts the liquid and air may be under some pressure and may spray slightly when the inner husk is first penetrated.

Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out.

The pug seems completely unconcerned at the litter of tigers relying on her milk for survival

But do cats make us laugh on purpose? Do they know they are being funny? Do cats get amused? Is cat humor part of cat behavior? Scientists avoid the subject ...

Similarly, the peppers can burn away the waxy exterior of the stink bug, ultimately destroying it.

At 3:23, a cop shoots the dog four times. The dog wither and dies.

Beatifullllllll barefoot......crushing all rc car under feet...i love sound crush...crushing please my playstation and my toy cars collection....i want smell your stinky feet.....

The group found the sound the train made was not danceable and changed it slightly.

Longer shorts, hands off your ass, a proper t shirt, otherwise take that flag out of your ass and hang it in the wind and walk around like a white as much as you eant

Germans are the smartest most beautiful people in the world. If I were only 3 inches tall and was ranover by your superior body without any concern, I would be the happiest person on earth.

I want to be him too. Isn't it awesome to end up squished under the sole of a giant woman.

.There are more films in progress, when the movies are done - you can here at least onesee new Prewjew (since I cannot show everything here)

The cat took out on him with misunderstanding.

Then I woke up.

They have since returned to their original uniforms, but remain competent.

"Faces were seen as either circumcised (JFK, Khrushchev) or uncircumcised (LBJ, Adenauer). In assembly-kit tests Reagan’s face was uniformly perceived as a penile erection. Patients were encouraged to devise the optimum sex-death of Ronald Reagan."

High Performance Plant Based Haircare

The simultaneous polyandry begins when a female begins releasing eggs onto a tree branch. Up to 12 males then cluster around her and fertilise the eggs by producing sperm which they whip into a foamy ‘nest’ with their hind legs. The female will leave temporarily to rehydrate before returning to the nest, as the entire ordeal can last several hours.

We are now trying to determine if boys like toy vehicles, because they like to watch things moving in space.

There is also some evidence of people in Europe having been tossed into the air by a number of people holding a blanket;

Their pranks range from the relatively innocent, such as loudly passing gas or looking up women's kimonos, to the malevolent, such as drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, and raping women.

a mythical ball said to contain their soul which is located inside the anus.[14][16][17][18]

“I knew I couldn’t face a job that wasn’t directly involved with a tangible benefit to birds,”

Dear pagan readers,

A GemEssence is an alchemical liquid that carries a vibrational frequency of the Higher Realms. They are made from complex formulas of precious gemstones, pure Mt Shasta water and brandy. The formulas were given to me by Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Three new frequencies have entered into our world.

Want a whole meal? That’ll be $6.66

"I FRY o a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw,"

case names such as United States v. One Pearl Necklace and United States v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins.

The mood of the round, also that sleep until morning in the box of one.

State of Texas vs. One Gold Crucifix

Common lyrical themes include [...] general confusion over the care and feeding of girls.

Pure Natural Evian Mineral Water Propelled By Nitrogen.

And you know what, I will always be the one who wants to die.

the egg of a fowl, fish, or reptile, consumed as food

Use yeast as a weapon.

They are gentle and highly sensitive dogs with a natural respect for humans, and as adults they are decorative couch potatoes with remarkably gracious house manners.

I am 22 yr old and physically very weak like a 12 yr old.From childhood my scrotum is very lose.

Maru:[This box is full of me.]

'One thing we did, which provided absolutely no stimulation at all to my wife, but was visually and mentally awesome to us, was me pulling her hood back, exposing her bare erect clit and inserting it into my urethra. It was less than a quarter of an inch, but she was penetrating me for a change.'

scientists working with capuchin monkeys in South America had often seen the monkeys grabbing certain types of millipedes, crushing them and then massaging the dead insects into their fur. Sometimes it was a social event—four or five monkeys would share the same millipede, rubbing it all over themselves and then passing it to a friend. Afterwards, they started drooling and their eyes sometimes glazed over.

My cock was now about 4-1/2 inches long, I would guess, and my favorite way of masturbating was to slap it repeatedly against my abdomen.


Stay Fit By Scrolling Web Pages with a Treadmill

The same documentary showed footage of a whale shark timing its arrival to coincide with the mass spawning of fish shoals and feeding on the resultant clouds of eggs and sperm.[1]

Curved Skyscraper Melts Cars, Starts Fires with Heat of Sun

Dance. Dancers get big legs.

His fascination for beauty and models started at a young age. At that time Meisel would not play with toys, but would instead draw women all the time.

"We always say there are two types of pedophiles: Star Trek and Star Wars," says Det. Ian Lamond, the unit's second-in-command. "But it's mostly Star Trek."

"Women that talk too much need to get raped," wrote someone using the handle Rapey1

Unique insect has working gears in its legs

And then he says, “Cause my life is dope, and I do dope shit,” and then he hung up the phone.”

The Chinoike Jigoku or ‘blood pond hell’ features a pond of hot, red water. It is the most photogenic of the nine hells.

The formations appear to glow in brilliant orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun.

She insured her breasts for $350,000.[3]

vizualiza You're a sexy female version of Andy Milonakis!)) love you! 18h

Sailor Pluto is still considered a member of the Sailor Senshi despite the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet

GURPS Screampunk presents a toolkit for incorporating Victorian steampunk into games of gothic horror:

• A guide to gothic horror themes, locations, and plots, with suggestions that add a doom-laden atmosphere to your games.
• The use of weird technology as a corrupting influence.
• Real-world Victorian scientific institutions – and the mobs that opposed them.
• Character archetypes including the cruel guardian, the sinister servant, the ingenue, and the swarthy foreigner.
• Adventure seeds, plot hooks, and guidance for running gothic horror scenarios.

The history of toast begins, of course, with bread.

Official Versace looks, inspired by counterfeit Versace.

Construction was started in 713, led by a Chinese monk named Haitong. He hoped that the Buddha would calm the turbulent waters that plagued the shipping vessels traveling down the river.
Apparently the massive construction resulted in so much stone being removed from the cliff face and deposited into the river below that the currents were indeed altered by the statue, making the waters safe for passing ships.

Maru:[I feel a disquieting sign from the upper part.]

Last night I passed a soft red ball in my stool. It was bright red but not bloody. Actually, it looked like an M&M but larger in size and soft. I know this sounds gross but I used something to press on it and it just made an indention but did not burst. What could it possible be?

why would you want to live such a depressing life why would you choose the path of a cunt

Teens Suspected Of Shoplifting Had Fetus In Shopping Bag

Artificial lights at night seem strange. Buildings are artificial mountains and caves. ☯92MAR

irregular fonts can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

The relationship between pelicans and people has often been contentious. The birds have been persecuted because of their perceived competition with commercial and recreational fishers.

Pinnipeds can produce a number of vocalizations such as barks, grunts, rasps, rattles, growls, creaks, warbles, trills, chirps, chugs, clicks and whistles. Vocals are produced both in air and underwater. Otariids are more vocal on land, while phocids are more vocal in water.

Lie face down on a cold tile floor. This can be very soothing.

For example, the editors of the magazine Continuum consistently denied the existence of HIV/AIDS. The magazine shut down when its editors all died of AIDS-related causes.[

A short life, full of consequences.

i keep thinking about ghosts, the mountains get so haunted in the winter

The small buttocks participated, too.

Feminista Jones has argued that Black Twitter's historical cultural roots are the spirituals, or work songs, sung by slaves in the United States
Twitter fits well into the African tradition of call and response

Just months after the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Kix offered an atomic bomb ring in exchange for a box top and 15 cents.[1][2] The ring was purported to detect radiation.

Wilf (May 5, 2005 - April 9, 2013) was a chinchilla Silver Persian cat who said "Hi!" when you said "Hi!" to him.

The Washington Post reported in 2009 that Kim Jong-un's school friends recalled he "spent hours doing meticulous pencil drawings of Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan."[102] He was obsessed with basketball and computer games.[103][104]

MiG-25 fans should note that the only confirmed kill scored by this aircraft was when one overran the end of a runway and sliced through a school bus, decapitating most of its passengers.

She lives in Manhattan, New York with a pen-eating dog named Dodger.

GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA Today, the military commission in the 9/11 case issued several orders (AE200II, AE 013CCC, and AE013DDD) which lift the provision classifying the “observations and experiences” of defendants formerly held by the CIA. Defense attorneys are still required to treat CIA information as classified, but the military commission acknowledged that it had limited authority to control defendants’ thoughts and memories.

The Independent reports that Silberbauer made the following comments about Anne Frank's diary: "I bought the little book last week to see if I am in it. But I am not. Maybe I should have picked it up off the floor."[6]

It’s Hard Holding Two Squirmy Otters

When all Keens present on a level are killed, any door tagged 666 is opened.

Oregon Man High On Meth Allegedly Fights Off 15 Cops While Masturbating

anonymous asked:
will even animals be resurrected? will the pigs and birds face judgement? will parasites see the kingdom of god?

Victims' families made statements, followed by Rader, who apologized for the crimes in a rambling, bizarre 30-minute monologue that District Attorney Nola Foulston likened to an Academy Awards thank you speech.

If you think of Google's Mountain View campus as a city state, and all its satellite campuses as colonies, then it was kind of inevitable that the company would raise an army.

"This would have been a great room for making love," he said, balancing on a plank he has just thrown over a chasm in the floor.

many of the "colors" within Lab space fall outside the gamut of human vision, and are therefore purely imaginary; these "colors" cannot be reproduced in the physical world.

Our dogs ran off together at Mt Tabor - w4m (Mt Tabor Park) I was on a walk after dark with my dog about a month ago. You and your dog were running and your dog came up to my dog and the two of them ran off together. You and I stood there and didn’t say much.

lewd "humping" motions made by the giant worm

According to Pirkei Avot, a classical Jewish text of the third century of the common era, the first pair of tongs were created by God right before God rested in the Seventh Day. The reasoning is that a blacksmith must use a pair of tongs in order to fashion a brand new pair of tongs. Accordingly, God must have provided humankind with the first pair of tongs.[2]

while 7 Up has a fairly standard lemon-lime flavor, dnL was lime-lemon flavor.

In a 1992 Los Angeles Times interview Rollins revealed he kept a plastic container full of soil soaked with the blood of Joe Cole. Rollins said "I dug up all the earth where his head fell—he was shot in the face—and I've got all the dirt here, and so Joe Cole's in the house. I say good morning to him every day. I got his phone, too, so I got a direct line to him. So that feels good."[46]

Several residents of the Degnans' apartment building stated that on the afternoon before the murder, a woman dressed in a man's coat had chased the children after offering them candy. One child was scratched on the face by the woman's long fingernails.
A scuffle resulted that ended only when an off-duty policeman dropped three clay flowerpots on Heirens’s head, one at a time, from the top of the stairs, rendering him unconscious.

Bathed cats can, and will, contract pneumonia, as they are easily chilled.

Windows - they're transparent pieces of glass that keep the outside out and the inside in, except for light to allow you to see what's going on outside. When dirt covers them, their main function of allowing you to see what's outside is lost and, like most things, need regular cleaning.

Other exploits from which the feline mayor has escaped include being shot by teenagers with BB guns, falling into a restaurant's deep fryer (which was switched off and cool at the time), and hitching a ride to the outskirts of Talkeetna on a garbage truck.[14]

In the day, when the frog is asleep, a gold membrane creeps over its eyes. It lets in a small amount of light, enough so that if a predator approaches, the non-poisonous frog can wake up, show its bulging red eyes and present its yellow feet in a bid to make the would-be attacker think twice.

An analysis of her ectoplasm revealed it to be made of chewed paper.

mythical figure Ganymede describ[ed] the "slippery thighs of a boy" as superior to the "stink and gaping looseness of the female cave."[18][19]

In Europe "Electrical Fires" are no longer a class of fire as electricity can not burn

Continued allegations of secret tunnels

SET OF 2 - Le Tooter - Same as the fart Pooter

"Tinky Winky is simply a sweet, technological baby with a magic bag."

Astronauts with wider hands are more likely to have their fingernails fall off after working or training in space suit gloves, according to a new study.

The reproduction of silverfish is preceded by a ritual involving three phases, which may last over half an hour. In the first phase, the male and female stand face to face, their trembling antennae touching, then repeatedly back off and return to this position. In the second phase the male runs away and the female chases him. In the third phase the male and female stand side by side and head-to-tail, with the male vibrating his tail against the female.[10]

The original goal of the music was to assist the dancers in experiencing a collective state of bodily transcendence, similar to that of ancient shamanic dancing rituals, through hypnotic, pulsing melodies and rhythms.

"Ceiling Cat" and the corresponding "Basement Cat" (a black cat who lives in the basement) represent good and evil (sometimes God and Satan) in the lolcat universe.[30][31][32]

[Jonathan] Davis's second child, Pirate Howsmon Davis,[25] was born on March 18, 2005.[2][26] Davis's third son, Zeppelin Howsmon Davis, was born on April 28, 2007.[2]

Nothing could be easier (and more fun) than dropping your scalded critters into a tub and watching the machine do all the dirty work.

Dr. Gay Hitler, son of George Washington Hitler, was a local dentist,

Boy Genius, Turd Blossom, the Architect – Senior Advisor Karl Rove[7][14]

She acted like a human, except she didn't know how to do certain things or respond to certain questions.

(looks, soppy lyrics, tune-grasp, fame-lust)

In some social circles, a girl's ability to fill a bra became central to her status and sense of self.

vidding fans will often watch vids simply because they are vids

You are a three-dimensional being, torn by time. Photos are pixel ghosts.

extended teenage fuck party

An individual is said to "get hyphy" when they dance in an overstated, fast paced and ridiculous manner, or if they get overly loud with other people. [...] Those who consider themselves part of the hyphy movement strive for this behavior.[2]

The guards' uniform boots prevented them from climbing the fence in pursuit, so they threw basketballs at the inmate to stop his escape

On 15 July 2007, a non-edible giant pink doughnut was erected to promote the upcoming movie, The Simpsons Movie. It was subsequently set alight and destroyed by an arsonist on 25 September 2009. A tyre painted pink was used as a substitute until it was replaced with a concrete version unveiled on 1 July 2012.

According to legend, castration consisted of daubing a boy's genitals with human feces and having a dog bite them off.

There are machines in the ghosts now and down in the distillery, the spirits who tend to the spirits respond to a portable degausser with a flicker of life.

About this Add-on
  A Islamic addon for Muslim users of Firefox, it places a Holy Kaba icon button on navigation bar. when user click on the button it present Google search page with "The Holy Kaba" search results.
   The purpose of this addon is to create a Islamic spiritual environment for mind while surfing the internet. whenever user sees the Holy Kaba icon while surfing the web, it reminds him/ her about Almighty Allah, and lifts his / her mind to a Islamic spiritual state.

AGH!! the comments section is a Transhumanist's nightmare!!! I want to live forever most certainly!!!

caught on video kicking and beating his 15 year old daughter for the crime of “eating carrots.”

Check out the way the "bones" flow into the areas such as the brake bosses.

Artists often incorporated skulls as a reminder of mortality, or at the very least, death.

The composition places the central focus of the image on Christ's genitals

The film opens to a night-time scene. A woman pees on the grass by the side of the road.

Cheaters are the lifeblood of game culture, a constant reminder that play is not a competition between people who have internalized artificial rules, but a negotiation about the rules themselves.

(CNN) -- People have the "right to be forgotten"

Some researchers have theorized that the odors are not present in the air at all, rather that spirits are directly manipulating the olfactory receptors in the brain to send their message.

I think it's just the nature of the unicorn to protect the person who wears their mantra.

we believe that all future jeans begin as curious balls of light emerging from the bellbottoms of a pair of ‘mother jeans’ which float through space at all times

As bizarre as they look, the flesh is still edible.

Chinese iOS and Android camera app has a unique ‘defog’ feature to improve shots taken in poor air conditions.

Fleshforming is the oldest form of magic, it is nearly impossible to cast it without the help of a True Demon, Fae, God, or one of the reality terrors that are trapped in the Void.

I feel protective of my father, that boy who is younger than me.

sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.

aggravating circumstances may allow pinching/ripping the criminal with glowing pincers, prior to quartering

We feel destroyed, confused.

The Coffin Texts were available to wealthy private individuals, vastly increasing the number of people who could expect to participate in the afterlife; a process which has been described as the "democratization of the afterlife".[

Superstition holds that ghosts and spirits are attracted to shotgun houses because they may pass straight through them, and that some houses were built with doors intentionally misaligned to deter these spirits.

Common criticisms of the game include unexciting graphics and a limited amount of dances available after delivering sandwiches.

a handful of pollen contains roughly the same number of calories as a hamburger.

Among the Nuer, a ghost marriage is nearly as common as a marriage to a live man.

Even though I was already in the movie, as the main character, I made another cameo as my intestines.

Snail emergency. Accidentally stepped on it in the shower (long story) and snapped its shell.

live events where kids would be offered the chance to get slimed or publicly humiliated.

Treffert also mentions that as many as 10% of autistic savants may have extrasensory perception, and reincarnation is mentioned as a possible explanation for savantism in at least one case.

Ostriches love man-made objects, especially shiny ones

Light that shines directly on your face while you're sleeping can create shadows under your eyes.

"teh" (generally considered lolspeak)

Fist he made out with his girlfriend, then she suddenly stood in the bed and walked away.

Now his arm always points in her direction.

Prey are located with these "whips", captured with pedipalps, then masticated with chelicerae.

Failed to find bucket

hard tender lumps

Its omnidirectional all-seeing white circles stared endlessly at invisible airborne objects moving beyond the horizon.

The show's make-up artists found a compromise and painted her breasts black.

I feel like a wild sexy fungus.

Applicable scene: Leisure time
Applicable objects: Youth
Elastic force: Micro bomb

so sexy, would you like to make a video when you deflate a mountainbike also!

I love the size of the shadow that her pussy makes on her leg

Pompous Hipster Religious Hip Hop T-Shirt

One of the team’s final successes was in finding Miron-Aku, a soothsayer believed to be a witch by locals. Upon meeting the group, she claimed to have foreseen their arrival. The team persuaded her to perform a ritual for the camera and tape recorder in which she summoned the spirits of ancestors and "divine[d] future events." The team also recorded information on Finnish saunas.

The actual horse that Horse_ebooks uses as its iconic twitter avatar died in the summer of 2013[1].

The toddlers are Hitler, controlled QWOP-style.

many do not consider nail biting as a true form of cannibalism.[citation needed]

It suggested that Josef Mengele, a German Schutzstaffel officer and a physician in Auschwitz, was recruited by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to produce "grotesque, child-size aviators"

much of the show's dialogue involves the characters arguing or yelling at one another

prosecutors want to take a photo of his erect penis

Tiny Flying Robots Are Being Built To Pollinate Crops Instead Of Real Bees

Were Ancient Child Skulls Gifts to the Lake Gods?

After eating the applesauce with B. fragilis, the autistic mice stopped compulsively burying marbles. They also communicated like normal mice. What didn’t change, however, was their preference for toys over other mice.

Proglottids sometimes trickle down the thighs of infected humans and are visible with unaided eye, so can aid with identification.

The water outside TGI Friday's is black now.

I also have a huge fucking ass??? I'm not disabled but i think and fear a lot(anxiety?)

Both spiders took a long time to adapt to their weightless existence.

Fossil Poop Controversy

The scientists said they are still able to watch video footage of the mating geckos and observe how an absence of gravity affects their sexual behavior.

many of the heavily vegetated Central American landscapes we inaccurately and over-simplistically describe as "rainforest" are actually "feral gardens": plots of artificially cultivated plants, vines, and trees, similar to orchards, that only later took on the appearance of wilderness after their gardeners were exterminated by Europeans.

the Mushroom Death Suit by Infinity Burial Project

When the world turned patriarchal, women were forbidden to gather together and use their blood

The story says that the traditional belief in his time was that cats are supposedly cursed, because of their pride and sense of superiority, which apparently caused them to refuse to bow before the Buddha in his lifetime, and that this therefore means they are barred from achieving Nirvana. Consequently, the prevailing thought is that no cat may go to Heaven.

(Her legs are pressed by the after leg)

I really can't work in the world anymore because everyone is either stupid or evil. Plus, now I can lay around and visualize rotation groups of hyperbolic manifolds all day.

I mean, except when I'm being tortured and raped.

Various descriptions are used to note coffee aroma.

Animal-like – This odour descriptor is somewhat reminiscent of the smell of animals. It is not a fragrant aroma like musk but has the characteristic odour of wet fur, sweat, leather, hides or urine.
Ashy – This odour descriptor is similar to that of an ashtray
Burnt/Smoky – This odour and flavour descriptor is similar to that found in burnt food.
Chemical/Medicinal – This odour descriptor is reminiscent of chemicals, medicines and the smell of hospitals.
Rancid/Rotten – This aroma descriptor includes two terms which are associated with odours reminiscent of rancidification and oxidation of several products.
Rubber-like – This odour descriptor is characteristic of the smell of hot tyres, rubber bands and rubber stoppers.

Blisters are better than looking like a nurse.

when she was 14, her parents separated and her mother left the household, bidding each daughter farewell with a handshake.

My rottweiler loves to give my rabbit kisses and my rabbit likes it too.

Let’s get real here -none of us can afford to have our endocrine system disrupted these days, not even a little bit.

There is no clinical evidence for the effectiveness of gripe water.

nanotechnological space flower

Hot Liquids Can't Reach Your Skin - Grab Food in boiling water - handle juicy meats

police forced him to lie on the ground, with his face in his daughter’s blood

This is a combined cunt-worship and fruits of the earth ritual

Her mind had decayed, and she was a pathetic figure.
She wandered about all the day long in the care of a muscular Irish woman.

As a child, Luke spent his spare time stretching his scrotal skin to completely engulf his penis.

Child arrested after writing story about shooting a dinosaur

"But anecdotal evidence suggests that monarchs were quite abundant in the 19th century. An 1850s observer of the monarch migration in the Mississippi Valley reported so many monarchs that clouds of them darkened the sky," their statement said.
"An early account in California described tree branches breaking under the weight of so many gathered monarchs."

"the golden lever of the Presidential telegraphic instrument"

Meet Eddy. He’s very shy, because he grew up in the streets of Romania

If you're into bloated ponies, this is the place for you!

horse tornado for children

reporter Jeff Gray was video recording from outside an indistinguishable building in Jacksonville today when it began speaking to him, a booming female voice telling him he was not allowed to take photos.

The Bicycle as an Occult Symbol
I recently demonstrated how the bicycle is one of the objects used in Occult signaling media to represent heaven's vehicles, which are interdimensional transports for entities that generally appear in bodily forms.

North Korea called the United States a "human rights graveyard".

Your lips will start to drool while longing for all of the moisturizing ingredients inside of those lip balm tubes.

Woo eventually began shooting at the guests after one of them had remarked that his ammunition didn't look real.

Personal Experiance ( I am a real vampire)

Transvestites and gays are also known as "tdoot", originated from the title of the 1982 American film Tootsie.

she would enter the ring with long hair and makeup, occasionally kissing a defeated opponent.

Amazing giant snail pet , never runs away , addorable and sticky .

the strange allure of the Pit—the vast, artificially mined cavity at the heart of these coiling and serpentine excavations. Some of the men are seemingly drawn to the Pit, obsessing over it

I was doing a sexy lettuce dance while cooking dinner earlier and totally got caught by my spirit dad. :P Haha

“nanograss”, a nano-crystalline material with photovoltaic properties that harvests solar energy in an organic cell.

Yohji Yamamoto reveals the daily ritual that fuels his hunger for dressing women

The involvement of balloons in sexual activities is almost endless.

a near-future ad for an interplanetary terraforming corporation dedicated to selling huge geometric shapes directly to consumers.

(pauses to smoke entire cigarette)

creepy dudebro circlejerk of “orthodox dogspotting”

They found the HMS Erebus in the abyss. The legends of those sailors who were lost involve cannibalism. The sister ship Terror is still lurking in the abyss. The Northwest Passage speaks to me of the transit of Horus.
HMS = His/Her Majesty's Ship. The Royal conveyance. King Horus is coming, the prince of darkness, with hidden terror.

Not all dreams have a clear meaning but you were definitely reborn. Congratulations!

Clothing encourages us to fill it, to consume more. Which is what I have done, resulting in my disturbing fat body.

Avarice's Burial Fund

severely affected aesthetics of the face

Art is my therapy. Rip Granny #fuckcancer

The flowers are bright yellow, quite large, and tend to have a musky “feline” odor.

Dogs and cats have access to our skin,

Thanks for manufacturing this little rubber boy cock for me to take a scissors to.

Note that more than the half of the "facesitting and "oral sex" poses are in fact "mouth cupping" on the vulva or anus allowing the women to let her urin or feces go directly in the sub/slave mouth.

They intend to leave the boy, who is unable to sell his teeth for cash, in the streets

identity was seized by the DEA without permission and used to communicate with suspected criminals

“Using your body to turn Gatorade into piss is a wonderful way to honor the Devil!”

The song captured the attention of many youth at the time with its overt allusions to masturbation.

The Devil appeared as young girls that danced naked without any clothes on, as Christ Crucified

Apparently, tarantulas are crispy on the outside with white meat in the head and body and taste vaguely like chicken or cod.

Having lost the ability to walk, he maintains a blog about his experiences titled "Worthless Goddamn Cripple".[46]

Very small amounts of gold can be created artificially with particle accelerators or nuclear reactors,

Superman can be rather rigid in this trait, causing tensions in the superhero community.

Most of the villains are killed through very minor occurrences, and yet, they explode.

I never thought much for birds before but it's fun to watch them fly in, maybe push each other around a bit, and generally act silly.

I told them you better have a warrant if you want my DNA.

Tweaked the volumes of Ancient Screams.

age is unknown and there are no hints whatsoever. Only the state of the corpse can give an estimate for the time, although decomposing rates are questionable if the body was enhanced.

I am a fat fuck pig and I was put on this earth to milk cocks in my holes
fat white pigs like me were born to pleasure black men and have their babies.

Chug'n Spook will spit tremendous amounts of water while producing the classic side-to-side sashay that drives fish wild

“All food should have changelogs”

6:31 AM - Bounce: Space Station Crew Returns to Earth, Lands Safely in Kazakhstan
6:36 AM - Bounce: Kyary shares a tearful promise with 10k people: ‘I’m going to keep giving you all a fantasy’

The solar system is a Boy Festival and all of the planets are tremendous gentlemen laughing and getting sick in space.

The free version has a ghastly mechanic where you collect women for health

she had the words 'Stop Cutting my Pussy' written across her bare chest.

St. Peter's square is the site of ritual sex magic

the bog that was his home for hundreds of years

That's an attractive camel toe. Thanks for sharing.

A fuzzy, translucent starfish. Who knew ghosts had to shave?

What do elephants think about? "skin hunger"

Bent wormholes have echoes.

People protect themselves from the filth of the eruption

[ Laughs] For me, the ring becomes the bed when I sit on my victims' faces and they lie helplessly under my thick thighs and big buttocks. I love to cum on their faces.

09:00 The donor’s head eagerly drank water or milk, and tugged as if trying to separate itself from the recipient’s body.

The reflection in the water is a virtual image

your own private window through which to watch bears

total butt inversion

You can Baptise your car, but it wont have any "effect". Why? The car nor the dog have a immortal soul.

ultracompact stellar corpse

Penetration by any object 'associated with violence'

Celebs With Fake Body Parts

Thinking her radish seeds may have been eaten by crows, she decided to make some scarecrows. Now there are more 100 scattered around Nagoro and nearby towns.

Please let these dogs have a nice Christmas.

the intestines were tucked neatly under the buttocks.

black-market butt injection

Those warnings are javascript very rudely put into the pages by the web nerds who created them.

The introduction of "jump" and "duck" controls in source ports such as ZDoom and Skulltag , although not canon, seem to quash the widespread rumours of the 1990s that the Doom marine was a paraplegic transporting himself by a rocket powered wheelchair.

This web site is dedicated to providing quality information on the product.

didnt know you got big thick armpits like your sweet ass

after a lot of thought, I've decided it's time to tell everyone. I used to hide it, but after a lot of encouragement from my friends at university, I've gained the confidence to come out with it.
I am the sun from Teletubbies.

Operatives are instructed to avoid looking nervous.

personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.)

He changed it to Salacious Crumb, “in homage to the underground adult comic book artist Robert Crumb, known for drawing well-proportioned women.” That guy probably would have had a lot of artistic inspiration in Jabba’s palace.

the tragic story of George R. Binks, the long-suffering father of Jar Jar Binks.

Thanks, Mom, for offering and giving period enemas.
      Period-enemaed hugs
      Little Helen

put some rose quartz and sodalite in your pockets and the big ladies will settle down quickly and may even produce sweeter milk

Parkour Anarchists Prowl Rooftops of Athens
TV report “airborne battalion of anarchists”
At 0’32” of the video, the people on the rooftops throw something heavy that Greek media describe as “professional refrigerator.”

Once injected, the human cells began to destroy native mouse glial cells and began to take over the animal's brain.

Contributors to the meme outbreak are mixing the embarrassment with widely known song lyrics or sayings

The ridges of a crocodile’s tail clearly visible through the snake’s throat after the olive python ingested it

Picture of a lemon getting 3k likes smh 7h

If I saw my robotic 16 year old daughter engaged in this, I would spank her and take away her bitcoins

poisonous mushroom people with severe abdominal pain

bumblebees feed on nectar, using their long hairy tongues to lap up the liquid;

Due to mankind's feelings of superiority in their own physical design, anthro cars are given human-looking breasts even though multiple rows of breasts seen on dogs and cats would be better suited given their large liter of offspring. Instead the nipple-area is designed to have multiple nipples, around 6 and 8.. still though, with large litters sometimes pups have to wait their turns. A car's breasts will automatically shrink drastically in size when driving around to keep them from dragging along the ground.

a sticky grotto of baroque goo

1896 Pepsi Geometries: Perimeter Oscillations
The Pepsi DNA finds its origin in the dynamic of perimeter oscillations. This new identity manifests itself in an authentic geometry that is to become proprietary to the Pepsi culture.

Poison frogs can often be observed clutching each other, similar to the manner most frogs copulate. However, these demonstrations are actually territorial wrestling matches.

{"error": "Missing nonce"}

i want to be that small orange next to her large armpit

In traditional Balinese culture, it was common for a set of twins of the opposite sex to marry each other, since it was assumed that they had sex in utero.

even the beat of Nelly bumping in my drums couldn't drown out the crunch of the beak

Garbage can be seen beneath the ice

But there’s too much science in my brain

A man who accidentally fell into the back of a dump truck reportedly survived the garbage ordeal by building himself a trash coffin.

higher "hunger" would drive Mario to collect more coins

“How dangerous is that to have these hunters walk around with bows that are almost like machine guns? And who knows about it?”

Japan has an interesting relationship with moss.

Both are warm and alive and both were quite dirty. So, periodically, they get baths.

A scientific team begins investigating strange towers and geometrically perfect designs that ants have built in the desert.

I request cooperation with you in the sphere

Pale cave beasts, pretty son

I found a man in the archives who spends his time recording the bits in between the programmes when they are broadcast. He writes down in detail all the announcements and the trailers, plus all the bits where things go wrong. So far his log of this stuff has got to 7,500 pages. He's convinced that we don't really understand television. He says the idea that you can break television up into discrete programmes is wrong. He believes television is really one long construction of a giant story out of fragments of recorded reality from all over the world that is constantly added to every day, and has been going on for 70 years.


claiming everyone wants her "femininity" or "hole,"

He got an erection even though he was only five, which he now calls a defining moment of his life.

the animal's vaginal cavity, which he described as a series of complicated valves.

Sherif Ahmad, 23, of Fairfax is charged with [...] impersonating a police officer.

police are investigating the death of a 1-year-old girl whose family had covered her scalp with mayonnaise and then placed a plastic shopping bag over her head

コム・デ・ギャルソン (Komu de Gyaruson)

"Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition."

As I am not interested in celebrities at all, I turned to crime.

We let our 4 year old have iPad time as long as he is surrounded by orgonite.

a plastic re-creation of her friend’s vagina

Clear snow so your body can burn, and make a good example for everyone

Like grimey servants we followed every new trace that could lead us to her, the aim of our two year quest was always to see the toughest of all the machines. A dormant juggernaut that lies underground. Her name? Iseb, the worm maiden. It is for her love that we’ve done everything.

The device has a shape and consistency of a stool and further includes means for adjusting the volume of the device in vivo to evoke an optimal sensation of stooling.

Clothes invade the body and brain

However, risk haunts a challenge.

Why is Slurp crawling my page?
How does Slurp identify itself?

Disneyland is an evolving organism.

when you do see it, you have the last problem

Gumby's parents, Gumbo and Gumba.

"I get paid to beat up n*****s like you. I get paid to beat up fuckin' n*****s up like you. I will fuck you up. You're damn right I'm a cop."

in a sense this guy is living the life....just chillin at the park all day....Making Apps and shit..

"Vatican officials say that after a pope dies, his body belongs to the entire Church and must be buried intact. Furthermore, if papal organs were donated, they would become relics in other bodies if he were eventually made a saint."

Anthropomorphic wooden cult figurines, sometimes called pole gods,

“Modelling is only my back-up career. What I really want to do is use science and logic to fight crime.”

your teeth are so cute 1h

Zoroastrian tradition considers a dead body—in addition to cut hair and nail-parings—to be nasu, unclean, i.e. potential pollutants. Specifically, the corpse demon (Avestan: nasu.daeva) was believed to rush into the body and contaminate everything it came into contact with,

In Papua New Guinea I saw Crocodile Men with scarred skin handle a small millipede with a 6foot spear. Never took my boots off.

Cool friend gothing casually

flailing slime cannons

Get scared. Get worried. There can be a hell. God can come back and send you there.

on Venus you can't eat and drink but you have the desire to eat and drink and it won't be fulfilled. It's a place of unfulfilled desires

Eternal Prettyboy

There is a misshapen creature who coordinates attacks with a walkie-talkie; I would have liked to know more about him

Dry off in the sun, and let me sniff your butt in those bikini bottoms, dear Jessica.

Rainbow lorikeets have been chowing down on raw meat

Embedded Time Codes for the Beast's Arrival

A kite is an aircraft

"awakened goth"

Mice are tiny, quiet singers, according to science

hear it hurgling

perpetual pins and androgynous attire

a weird interlude in the life of a sweary man of violence

cot–caught merger

Aforementioned babes cuddled me during my post-cartoon cry.

Pudong rises above the Bund

Vintage hanky

She's a cutie and I would gladly sodomize her.

This is Maru's willpower.

the induction and recovery box

Chelsea Manning Mixtape

The Dead Stephanie Memorial Cleanup

Egg Executives

According to special effects experts, actors are starting to stockpile digital 3D replicas of themselves in order to keep appearing in movies after death.

I believe I will have the advantage over the trees now.

expelled for threatening to throw a watermelon at a schoolmate

Crocodiles have a permanently erect penis hanging out inside of their body, waiting to be ejected at a moment's notice. They've got ejector muscles with a super-fast trigger that can push that thing out.

Dose your cleaner and clean your group head

using credit card transactions as an excuse to flirt with a card approval associate via telephone that he calls "Credit Vixen."

tiny redhead, described by one acquaintance as “no bigger than a bar of soap,”

Winnie found the Twizzlers

The cubes are all radiating from the fresh cut.

Important Bird Area

The moon palace that he occupied while attacking Earth was not built by him or his subordinates, but his evil did corrupt it.

As a child he described the Lord's Prayer as being a "tribal chant".

When Iron Man was briefly trapped in Hell by Doctor Doom,

Exciting New Face

Slurry Outfall, Hibbing

a lush story that celebrates Rosie’s long limbs and outstanding bone structure.

Children living inside the cemetery play near human bones

Guests can easily touch the three-dimensional swans

Every night they ate $10 steaks and gatorade

ethereal baby culture

the sheep - which he has aptly nicknamed ‘The Phantom’

in Western Australia the highly dangerous "Nazi" method is employed

The males are wingless and die shortly, without ever leaving the fig, “having inseminated the females in a small dark orgy within it.”

beautiful hairy maggot blowflies

Some enemies are armed with guns which significantly damage Batman.

Police in the Canadian city of Winnipeg apologized on Tuesday after a lewd conversation about sex was broadcast from the loudspeakers of a police helicopter to a neighborhood below.

Stained Glass Golems
Made out of stained glass and built to harmoize with a structure's decor so that their presence is not obvious,

magically coherent grave earth

Six Titted Dakota Fanning Bathes in Blood by Necrokunt

honorable eternal stationmaster

A future visitor to the museum will be able to view his taxidermied body presented as a work of art.

I would rather be nude than wear a set of dead images on my body

Stop being such a sheep. "Creepy" is just shaming to control male sexuality.

Wiese "rather lamely" describes the sound of billions of people screaming as "annoying".

I have no idea why I feel bad for the lonely little satellite.

'You need to arrest him, he's been stealing electricity.'

psycoglam Hey gorgeous!!! Your belly looks weird 11h

a series of grunts called a “grunt train,”

The Longmen Grottoes

This little chubby boy is always hungry, such a cutie

looking lovely on the perfect slimy rocks.
Rapt ghost walkers.
Night sushi.
We found some more slime for Johanna.

Models should be natural freaks, things that no sane person would aspire to.

The only thing I will need to release this fund is a special HARD DISK we call it HD120 GIG. I will buy two of it, recopy your information, destroy the previous one, and punch the computer

"Feels good man" was his hedonistic rationale

The large scientist with an IQ of 300 dreams of dominating the world,

When questioned about the blood on him, Legebokoff purportedly stated that he was poaching and had clubbed a deer to death because "I’m a redneck, that’s what we do for fun."

I'm so sorry you're going to die soon. It makes me sad when trucks damage your low hanging branches. Are you as tired of all this construction work as we are?

Condition Worsens

Human Decomposition here

I'm standing there with my tits out, dressed like a butterfly

He was tough. Now he's the king of Hell. It all works out.

I've been reading through the source code for vanilla Doom today. The core dispatch logic for firing a shotgun is located at line 666 in its source file.

charismatic religious leader, businessman, and convicted child sex offender

Gnome: but my hands are gay and feeble
Gnome: i cannot influence the material world

"male pregnancy would certainly be possible" by having an embryo implanted in a man's abdomen – with the placenta attached to an internal organ such as the bowel – and later delivered by Caesarean section.[4][5][6] Ectopic implantation of the embryo along the abdominal wall, and resulting placenta growth would, however, be very dangerous and potentially fatal for the host, and is therefore unlikely to be studied in humans.

a 2-year-old boy became pregnant with his parasitic twin inside his stomach feeding off him like a normal fetus would feed on its mother. The boy required a Caesarean section.

Useful Meat Urinal

Carnal Residents Flock To Meat Ass Apartment

Vietnamese/Common phrases
Thank you cảm ơn/cám ơn 感恩 kahm uhn, cum urn


invited to speak at a web culture conference about the challenges of raising a child and protecting that child's brand at the same time.

And don't worry about being descrete, there is nothing embarrassing about wearing the ball lifter

unbelievably good breathing fairy music

The rainbow is a construct that signifies a dimensional wall and bridge.

It’s possible to buy silicon “woman holes”

Supermarket tabloids are particularly notorious for the over-the-top sensationalizing of stories, the facts of which can often be called into question.[citation needed]

EverQuest was the 77th richest country in the world

ufo is nurse for our sin planet

I want to be this free and fuckless

They were also the most frail, capable of only withstanding three or four headshots from any sniper rifle.

Messenger from Hell, Spider-Man

Can a plant learn?
Plants have memories.

You can definitely kill a plant, but it doesn't care.

notable for being both lo-fi and high definition

Do not use during pregnancy, rectal bleeding, times of weakness

good to know that there are massive nipples sleeping in there....

Sexy lesbian on omegle has cybersex w/fleshlight

It was nice to know that someone was thinking about my asshole while I was waiting in line at the grocery store.

Children Born on 9/11 Star in Moving Video About the Power of Doing Good: 'I Have the Spirit of All the Souls Who Were Lost That Day'

… I wonder if they’d make you pay a fine for residual pussy odor

only Satan’s kingdom is allowed to break the silence barrier

Yes, the brain is always hungry

in my opinion it would be a lot better to get some fact into our STUFF

a synthetic, autistic version of Thom Yorke

(“I wish I was strong and bald but friendly”)

not all warriors smoked, or if they did, did not crave

Here in this cavernous plant, rotating nozzles shaped like five-pointed stars squeeze out wet, gooey candy , 20 rows of warm Twizzlers at a time.

Other employees , "feeder-packers" , use their hands, repeatedly guiding Twizzlers into wrappers on a conveyor belt. The Beatles hit "Can't Buy Me Love" blares over the noise.

even deep pressure in the right lower quadrant may fail to elicit tenderness (silent appendix).

shaved to the bone.

“The spambot had a rare gift,” explained cyber-psychologist Dr Ian Jenstein. “It understood that happiness is about enjoying the simple things.

I'm beginning to be more and more like Lucifer.

He claimed a group of activists, whom he called "Twinkie Fascists", were trying to prevent him from eating the meal.

“I’m God, bitch,” said Stacey Ann Bunsey after popping her head out from the window of her overturned car. “Welcome to hell.”

Gnome: After decades and oceans apart, the men came together as adults to learn they dressed alike, walked alike, and had the same hot temper and quirks, including a fondness for scaring others with an explosively loud sneeze.

Suddenly, Lucifer's light begins to fade, and the Monolith awakes.

his offhand claim that days before a female acquaintance’s death, “I released her from a spell”

a horrible ordeal that, once again, assails us

her breasts seem far apart, thin and a bit flimsy.

“undetected viral loads.”

I knew I was the world's nightmare, but I was happy.

what if they light my hair on fire?...But this is a genuine fear of mine. I think people hate me.

the pressure and temperature is so hellish, there's no way the diamonds could remain solid.

Giant Meat Stick, Sweet and Hot

Reusable, translucent, male urinal

So here i am innocently shopping for couches with my beautiful hungarian friend.

Elite looks flashy but from a usability stand point it’s severely behind what I’d want if I flew a space ship.

Relationships in virtual worlds have an added dimension compared to other social media, because avatars give a feeling of proximity making the voyeur experience more intense than simply a textual encounter.

I dont like the girl, she looks like a caveman who think its cool to have bruises all over her boyish body.

When he reflected back on that moment, he said, "There was just something neat about the machine."


he was fine so long as someone remembered to assign him a Rape Babysitter

Parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters

Her goal now is to preserve an ever lasting peace by committing mass genocide

So what’s a natural living, crunchy mama to do?

I have very strong nails...I am 60 years old....but what it does is grow your eye lashes along with getting rid of every wrinkle I ever had! This is an amazing oil.

Flashing nipple & touching herself: Desperate wannabe exposes all

the surreal calm, and painstaking fetishistic polish of this film and its heroine are truly 'ON FLEEK'

Ultimate Grenade Tutorial

💾🌵(pronounced “Disk Cactus”), the first ever LLC registered with emoji.

nipples visible - please help!!

I have a very personal relationship with my bones. If one were taken from me unknowingly, I would be heartbroken. Where are they? Are they safe? What are they being used for?

Grave Robbing Discourse

Not bad to look at, nice boobs #1356Ֆ

Her death sparked outrage and a hashtag,

Unsolicited piss drinking tips. User loses posting privileges for 6 hours.

Anyone else in here smoke weed? I'm addicted to getting high and fucking my fleshlight.

eurotrash girl fantasy

Red mites - a "gruesome orgie of blood"

The female planes are apparently designed by someone who has no idea what a female plane would look like.

The Sandman is assisted by two living nightmares named Brute and Glob, whom he releases from domed cells with the help of a magic whistle. They are nuisances who beg for release, who are intent on hand-to-hand combat, but are implied to be relatively harmless and well-intentioned once freed.

weird night in terms of dreams

The dark side of the Force, called Bogan or Boga by ancient Force-sensitives

US Government Standard Bathroom Malodor

“I’m actually followed by a lot of mermaids in the local mermaid community.

pretty girl extends her tongue

You live a false life. You cause men to sin by lust, and God will hold you partly responsible for that.

working on his book of poetry entitled The Warlock Of Love

until she kicked a hole in a screen door at midnight and crawled away texting

60% of hyena cubs die of suffocation inside the pseudo penis

Ferns grow in hollows made in the ground by collapsed coffins.

He was just a normal guy, like me, and super cool. He was wearing all camo, just all camo.

I met this guy, two years older than me, a gynaecologist, tall, weel built, very hairy, with long, thick, big nipples

one day this summer I decided to insert my butt-plug and then mow the grass while riding the lawnmower around the that was fun! Every bump I went over was an exciting experience. The neighbors came and went, all tossing a hello wave my way, not knowing my kinky fun lawn-mowing antics!

I awoke with a lake of pre-cum.

Yep! I love to fall asleep with a 2.5" diameter stone egg in my vagina.

I am the one on Brighton Beach sunbathing naked with my butt plug in. I also have the 12mm barbell clean through my glans penis


Trusted Member

relieve, please

consumed by 'hairy panic'

Human mattress,if you ask me.

Dogs are property.

Heck, I'm not even a designer, just a run-of-the-mill font junkie,

Somebody’s stealing our lemons — I think it might be Grimes.

Rocks rot, like wood. Just more slowly.

iconic pussy pat

Join The Butt Society Best babes butts daily

What a shame, what a moldy time

Chasing a Blackened Sun

He is severely damaged but still lives.

free wifi in my face and body. property is just a hassle if ur not interested in old white guys who are inherently serious.

the kitchen is equipped with beautiful female mother figure

It’s in the interest of all parties to keep faulty reality away from users

Similar to anting may be the observed habit some birds show of picking up cigarette butts, sometimes lit, and rubbing themselves with them.[citation needed]

A convicted paedophile taunted angry parents with shouts of 'bring your children to me' as a mob surrounded his house.

i love tuning my little zoomers

Terrifying 3D Cunt

you never gave me a goat, that I might celebrate with my friends. But when this, your son, came, who has devoured your living with prostitutes, you killed the fattened calf for him.

It is also helpless to retract its newly swollen, pulsating tentacles.

The hentai room is a big joke where you just clap at an orgasm.

the real reason why I was repulsed by him was that he was very feminine guy and I like guys that have been in prison.

"My fans only want to see me as mommy," says Fires, "I am mommy and only mommy."

Adults will roam the forest floor in search of decaying fruit.

The sexy son hypothesis explains that females prefer more elaborate males

the coffee was so hot that it fused her labia together. It melted her genitals closed. But it’s all just a giant joke, huh?

Desclaimer: I own nothing.

smut: onnnol meme-1: nntlulut

criticized for referring to the method of killing, slitting of the throat, as a "manly" crime

Epoch of Extremal Inundations

an over-sized scrotum that symbolizes financial luck

“It actually appeared that there was a virtual world beyond the mirror,” says Rogers. The illusion made his robots act as if there were a labyrinth of new rooms waiting to be entered and explored.

Bat Pussy's alter ego Dora Dildo

foaming hand soup

America's pungent corpse flowers are all mysteriously blooming at once

one of top ten racy and fancy face with barbie physique

Takehisa Kosugi’s composition Music for a Revolution[1] directs the performer to gouge out one of his or her eyes five years from now.

sad my foot pressed down

David says his dad showed him him the world underneath the tree bark with the bugs.

When a Pepsi truck drove into frame, about 150 people shouted “PEPSI” into the void.

willingly created a “cemetery for emails,”

Upon the death of the original Smokey Bear, The Washington Post printed an obituary, recognizing him as a "New Mexico native" who had resided in Washington, D.C., for many years, working for the government.

Eye–hand coordination (also known as hand–eye coordination)

At the time, it was illegal for felons to own body armor.

many modern practitioners no longer support the existence of life force energy

a city where ‘Smoke’ is considered to be a type of weather

"omnia ex ovo" (everything from eggs).

Lara Croft battling demons to recapture her Wild Cherry Pepsi

my elderly mother, who insists that 9/11 was a hologram,

using her insides as a receptacle for his penile dejection. How is this a normal civilised, respectful way to treat anyone?

"a fish inhabits the vagina of the Terrible Mother; the hero is the man who overcomes the Terrible Mother, breaks the teeth out of her vagina, and so makes her into a woman".[2]

throw rocks to make the bear feel unwelcome

If you surprise a bear speak softly. This may reassure the bear that you mean it no harm.

Robots grab massive reels of newsprint from a temple of paper in the facility’s basement and feed them into the presses, while maintenance workers and press operators busily hustle around the plant on adult-sized tricycles with baskets for tools and parts.

she [...] was often teased by her classmates, who called her "Skeleton" due to her lanky body.[6][10]

We are all in danger. It is evil itself.

Upheavel Dome

i got called this stuff at school by tribes players, i got robbed at school by tribes players, i got pushed into lockers and had rocks thrown at me by tribes players

Controversial Rapper Azealia Banks Has Been Sacrificing Chickens in Her Closet

Your rap sheet is riddled with hentai infractions.

Now we know that neither creation or evolution is true it's fun to watch them still argue. (Simulated universe theory is the only one that makes sense)

I'd like to hold a dozen little people in my palm and watch them squirm and fight to regain their balance. I'd gently dip the tip of my tongue in the center of my palm and gather them.

[I get turned on by] the thought of the possibility of other intelligent beings in a galaxy far, far away thinking about if we exist; anti-gravity and the weightlessness and the cold of space; the dangers and endless possibilities that exist in the universe; the multi-dimensional beings that can control you with their minds; the nebulas in bloom.

A sexual attraction to NASA astronauts and even alien experts and UFOlogists.

Grace Jones was nine years old when she was found hiding inside a barrel.

Newspapers dubbed the doctor [...] the Demonic Ogre, and Doctor Satan.

messed up by the local enema bandits

low budget TV cartoons, the iconography and sound worlds of which heavily informed early hip-hop culture.

like a felonious rat

Modern juggling has moved away from the more dangerous objects, including the chainsaw and machete. However, juggling with flaming torches remains a crowd favourite

The advertisement, filmed in the summer of 2007 with a budget of $20,000, received critical praise.

Hank leaves the X-Men shortly after his twentieth birthday, after remarking that he is no longer one of the "strangest teens of all".

One victim recalled that as she lay bleeding a passerby reprimanded her and told her to "Get up."

) rises from a coffin and swears the entire audience in as members of the Count Dracula Society.

a large factor was his obsession with wood

submitted his current information to the Harvard University alumni association. He listed his eight life sentences as "awards" and his current occupation as "prisoner."

The production of animé may be encouraged by wounding the bark.

These are not functional ejaculations, but ejaculations of pride and indulgence.

His wife did not recognise the tiles and said her husband had had no interest in Jupiter.

Steams don't know about my [collapse].

The long-haired beautiful anime, with her pistol blades and mind-blowing leaps, whirls and swirls from one fantastic level to the next.

injecting rodents with urine extracts taken from schizophrenic patients

soaked in warm weather, your neighbours harvest every last drop of your new body.

A yelliman whipper or clearer of the king’s path.

the most common form of coin alteration was the "potty coin",

This is the ultimate shriek of alarm.

beaten, sexually assaulted with tree branches, and strangled with their own brassieres.[

You cannot become better than a bird in the present.

You cannot love life until you live the life you don’t good luck.

Someday everything will be happy and proven a poet.

recall a group-therapy session a few years ago in which one boy described being strung up by his wrists and hung from the ceiling as his father cut him with a knife and rubbed pepper in the wounds. “Hey,” several other kids said, “that’s like what happened to me.” They called themselves the “piñata club.”

The highest tech chicken cutlets on the market.

The gun was extremely popular with viewers. MGM began to get fan mail addressed to "The Gun." At one point the gun was getting 500 letters per week.

The Free Software Foundation refers to tivoized hardware as "tyrant devices".

the story of a 12-year-old boy who may have been severely autistic.[215] Luther reportedly thought the boy was a soulless mass of flesh possessed by the devil, and suggested that he be suffocated,

We started giving him the liquids; I put pressure on his wound

I hate the fucking word "protagonist". it's like everyone learned what it meant because of the Hunger Games reviewsand now people won't stop using it whenever it is slightly usable.

These plant out here just bussin?

Shaving the entire vaginal area isn't healthy. Google it.

the Mongolian-Swedish rapper Battulga Munkhbayar, also known as The yellow Eminem and 50 öre

"elf pressure"

Dissatisfaction with society and low degrees of success in life make them "identify with the cult" and "adore the cultists as if they were pop idols".

it’s believed this small male Architeuthis floated to the surface and died after a botched mating attempt with a larger, more aggressive female. He dies shortly before they start hauling him ashore, and in the final moments of the video…he finally ejaculates.

Mirren described the film as an "irresistible mix of art and genitals".

"My heartache unbearable same insoluble question: if my rifle deprive people of life, and therefore I, Mikhail Kalashnikov, ninety-three years old, the son of a peasant, and Orthodox Christian according to his faith, responsible for the death of people, let even an enemy?"[27]

The patriarch wrote back, thanked Kalashnikov, and said that he "was an example of patriotism and a correct attitude toward the country". Kirill added about the design responsibility for the deaths by the rifle, "the church has a well-defined position when the weapon is defense of the Motherland, the Church supports its creators and the military, which use it."

she does not enjoy seeing herself on screen, saying, "I get cold and I shake and I sweat"

The film is about an alien who after a crash landing, enters the body of the elderly and near death Max Page (Robert Sampson). Page's health returns to him but he soon finds that he has a thirst for the estrogen-laced blood of ovulating women.[

It's sort of the same crab-bucket mentality as the american anti-union sentiment, writ small.

The audience ripped the chicken to shreds.[7]

White nationalists continued to ominously prowl around in the back of trucks, some of them with helmets emblazoned with Pepe the Frog

Thinking he had a nightmare, I awakened him. He said angrily: "Why did you wake me? I was dreaming a fine bogey tale."

the traumatic viper incident

deceptive theoretical exes

asserting that Christopher "still lives in me, in my one blue eye."

"The shaped OBJECT is the BODY of the Item, but the STICKER is the Item's SOUL."[9]

scores of adolescent thrust-rockers

And for the rest of time, Voyager 1 will continue orbiting around the heart of the Milky Way galaxy, with our Sun but a tiny point of light among many.

The burglar managed to get away with the gems despite being put in a headlock by Ozzy.

Realistic Asshole

Metal Skeleton Entity

Lenora Slaughter, the iron butterfly

she is super-infused with corn—she is highly potent fuel.

"I don't have any regrets. I even have a tattoo saying 'no regrets.' That's the type of person I am."

He stated that he had changed his name from Bruce Lose to Bruce Loose "because he wanted to be less negative".[

like watching Humpty Dumpty after the fall

a small colony of microscopic horny creatures

fire in the smokatorium

In short, if all the matter in the universe except the nematodes were swept away, our world would still be dimly recognizable, and if, as disembodied spirits, we could then investigate it, we should find its mountains, hills, vales, rivers, lakes, and oceans represented by a film of nematodes. The location of towns would be decipherable, since for every massing of human beings there would be a corresponding massing of certain nematodes. Trees would still stand in ghostly rows representing our streets and highways. The location of the various plants and animals would still be decipherable, and, had we sufficient knowledge, in many cases even their species could be determined by an examination of their erstwhile nematode parasites."[16]

I am sick and tired of waiting for the second that my neck snaps. I can hear my bones back there cracking all the time and groaning and creaking and it sounds like freaking aluminum foil.

dear one, all is alright. This is much more common than everyone realizes. Most if not all bodies on this planet are infested, it is because of our diet full of flesh, sugars and fake foods.

what happens when you are out in nature? since it likes the dark, i would try sunbathing in the nude bend over, stick your butt up in the air, and let the sun shine on your anal sphincter if that doesn't scare off the metal monster post haste i will be very surprised

There is a sacred text called the gospel of the essene. It talks directly about parasites plaguing the body of man. The advice it gives is simple, fast and pray. Its not easy, its a living prayer to Divine spirit to help us bring our bodies back in balance and stop being rotting corpses inside full of disease.

It seems evil has taken over the hospitals. You are not alone in this horrible living nightmare.


So you ate some infected meat?

Join the club.

I know a lot of people.
I think I am one of those people.

I am polluted with their satanic technology but soon I will rejoice with my family in paradise... See you all on the other side!

If committees defeated Godzilla, then Godzilla will become a committee.

I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire.

"concealed and misrepresented the risks of repeated traumatic head impacts."

"It's more than just a teenager in the basement. It could be many teenagers in many basements—but it could also be something more sophisticated than that… the St. Petersburg troll factories, for instance. It could be an example of some kind of Russian troll-farm output."

Preoccupation with viscerate texture. The horror features of Lovecraft's stories tend to involve protean semi-gelatinous substances, such as slime, as opposed to standard horror elements such as blood, bones, or corpses.

—like, I'm not anti exoskeleton.

after exposure to pressure below the Armstrong limit, a survivor reported that his... "last conscious memory was of the water on his tongue beginning to boil."

"It's 2017, we should have a lunar base by now," Musk said. "What the hell is going on?"

he used to call my pee "liquid gold"

The idea is simple: Use only Bitcoin, eat only meat.

Der neunte Elfte (9/11, literally the Ninth of the Eleventh) became one of the most important dates on the Nazi calendar,

I live inside a volcano, which is a jungle paradise,

When complications arise during her breast augmentation surgery, 20th-century exotic dancer Cleo (Jennifer Sky) is put into suspended animation. Waking 525 years in the future, Cleo joins two women in their fight against the Baileys, armed flying machines who now control Earth's surface.

"I know that keeping body parts may not be to everybody’s taste," Tracy explains.

In interviews, she said about her surgeries "All this stuff has been because I can't stand life. But it hasn't changed anything" and "I was frightened and I was ashamed; I wanted to change my face, my body, to transform myself. I wanted to die, really."[7]

My greatest fear is that someone will break in & I won't be able to decide what #gun to shoot them with

In order to avoid sexual temptation and remain holy, he castrated himself with a pair of scissors.[2] He then ate a meal and went to a prayer meeting before seeking medical treatment.[9]
in 1875, Corbett got into an argument with several men over the death of John Wilkes Booth. The men questioned if Booth had really been killed at all which enraged Corbett.

Since he is too small to get a firm grip on the female, she secretes a sticky liquid that glues him to her back.

They would kill for any reason. There were people who were murdered because they snored at night.”

he concluded that there are "fleeting-improvised-men" in the world, which he believed were souls that temporarily resided in a human body, by way of a divine miracle.
he believed that God was turning him into a woman, sending rays down to enact 'miracles' upon him, including little men to torture him.

crude oil is found in such abundance that people literally bath in it

claimed to have attached the dildo to his weapon as a makeshift silencer

Kirschenbaum declined to elaborate on the specifics of the Kroupa conjecture

I remember the first HIV-positive guy I ever dated. His name was Clark. I met him when I first moved to LA, in 1999. He was this beautiful boy from Orange County with breathtaking green eyes; he lived on top of a hill in Silver Lake with a cat who also had AIDS. He used to tell me it connected them. He loved that cat with everything he had.

Monkey Punch, creator of Lupin III, called Castle of Cagliostro an "excellent" movie, but agreed Miyazaki's vision of Lupin differs from his own. He said, "I wouldn't have had him rescue the girl, I would have had him rape her!"[19]

yelldown warhellride

I played so much Quake II in the early 2000s that sometimes when I have a nightmare I'll pull down a console and type quit to get away from something chasing me.

we greet the tube

Roberts and his couch-mates were streaming this feat of imprudent bravery live on the Facebook page of a friend’s small media upstart, where 160 souls including myself watched in presumable shock as Roberts genetically altered his body in a drab apartment on a Monday afternoon.

Roberts is a 27-year-old computer programmer and self-described “nomad.” He is also probably the first person to give himself gene therapy on an internet livestream.

this clammy ghost with its outstretched arms, this air-conditioned man

severed from head to toe

in all corners of the city of Paris there were people shooting at the clocks on the towers of the churches, palaces and so on, thereby consciously or half-consciously expressing the need that somehow time has to be arrested;

to create an ice cream sandwich in favour of marriage equality.

Many companies are ultimately run by “Dark Men.” People you don’t ever meet, people that inject money into a thing and expect to get more money. All they want is results.

jumping into a crowd ready to rip her dress off and put their fingers in her orifices

The Water Police

Salinity would affect all sorts of boy chemistry.

🌱trying to turn sprinklers off because already rain became camo doing it🌱

Child model, 14, ‘worked to death’ to be buried in £400 wedding dress
‘I don’t know why we are punished with such a grief,’ she said.

"From a scientific point of view, we are confident the void exists," said study co-author Hany Helal,
Team members explore the void using augmented reality.

This was definitely a unique date, where Elena pees on the beach and gives you head. Romance was definitely in the air - you can see by the way she looks into your eyes. When you get back to the room Elena takes a bath and shaves her long ass legs for you.

Cuckoos will become excited when they see their mother’s beak, but they will become even more excited when they see a stick with two lines painted on it resembling the markings on this beak.

his ashes were disposed of at sea

commonly known as Law Lords,

Page also alleges Ratner remarked on another woman’s “flappy pussy” on set.

In real sex – meaning the original sex that we were biological programmed for – the man is supposed to place his balls into the woman’s pussy, and then her pussy flexes and crushes the balls. The uterus then sucks sperm out of the crushed scrotum like a soup dumpling. When a man’s testicles are being crushed, the pain of being castrated by a woman causes the penis to go erect. This is because men subconsciously desire emasculation by women. The pleasure men are supposed to derive from sex is entirely psychological – they aren’t supposed to get off from physical stimulation of the penis. When the penis gets hard with the balls inside the pussy, it rubs up against and stimulates the clitoris, and this is how a woman reaches orgasm. When the woman begins to cum, her pussy constricts further, which provides the requisite strength to completely crush the balls and get to the sperm. After the balls were crushed, the man would jump back in excruciating pain, which would cause the pussy to rip his scrotum and dick off of his body. The pussy would then suck the dick and balls up into the uterus, and this would provide food for the developing baby.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho was born on a farm in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, southern Minas Gerais state, with an injured skull, the result of beatings his father had inflicted upon his mother's womb during a fight. Filho said his first urge to kill happened at the age of 13. During a fight with an older cousin, he pushed the boy into a sugar cane press.

He gave a cynical explanation for choosing children. He wanted virgins "because they cried"; this apparently gave him greater satisfaction.

man, [I was] just a horny little kid, like on drugs, getting fed drugs, man, by vampires,”

a revolution in sword theory,

A very nice pair of plumped up tits

Bursting for a pee can cause a really firm erection in many men and women have written having a man empty his bladder while his penis is in the vagina is an incredible feeling...
There are subconcsious blocks in place to prevent this happening but with practice and a relaxed atmosphere some men can overcome this. Soaking together in a nice warm bath while he is bursting is a good way to begin...

An apocryphal story about the briefest correspondence in history has a writer (variously identified as Victor Hugo or Oscar Wilde) inquiring about the sales of his new book by sending the message "?" to his publisher, only to receive "!" in reply.[2]

the "empty vessel," the epitome of what women were supposed to be

the prison was so worried that Campbell’s lungs would give out and he would stop breathing, while lying on the execution gurney, that the team gave him a wedge pillow to help him stay calm and alive until they could execute him.

a line of static rolled across the screen, revealing the yellow man.

Oral feeding and the Second Guardianship Challenge

Thomas's face shows surprise as Jesus holds his hand and guides it into the wound.[3]

harsh realm

"Thou shalt not disfigure the soul."

It was around 5 or 6 a.m. when Charles finally left and walked out into the early morning air, his body and clothing drenched in urine. He headed to the subway and felt a buzz of excitement as he made the long journey home. “I felt I’d discovered something,” he says.

a form of ritual emasculation

my mother is old, my father is late.

I was accosted by a vagrant carrying a jug of what appeared to be urine. He sneered that he could smell me through my jeans.

In December 2013, the Rolling Stone Tsarnaev cover was named the "Hottest Cover Of The Year" by Adweek magazine, with newsstand sales doubling from 60,000 to 120,000.[109][110]

A 37-year-old Fairbanks man who was sentenced Monday to 45 years in prison for sexually abusing a young girl under his care told the judge he was a “feminist and pacifist” who had “earnest conversations” with the girl “about gender equality and how she should be able to expect the same respect as any man.”

“We cannot perceive any circumstance that would justify a police search requiring an individual to masturbate in the presence of others.”

i have never eaten a shirt . not sure that is even possible .

he grabs me by the clam and says, ‘I want you to rip the dress off,’

I can not but care less of your impression about me or the body I represent

He snuffles out a brazen challenge, and The Beachmaster snorts a warning.

A male Patagonian mara, a type of rodent, will stand on his hind legs and urinate on a female's rump, to which the female may respond by spraying a jet of urine backwards into the face of the male.[

A male porcupine urinates on a female porcupine prior to mating, spraying the urine at high velocity.[61][62][63][64][65]

On the southern edge of the world, a waterfall runs red as blood

do not give in to animal instincts, do not model your thoughts and actions in the form of a machine; seek the balance point where the rising ape meets the descending angel.

Be prepared to panic a bit the first time you encounter a flesh wizard.

more than 300 oilmen

Rings ejaculate from Sonic’s ringhole, an asexual genitalia that exists only on Planet Mobius, used purely for commerce.

As a teenager, he is reported to have "enjoyed weaponry, photography and anatomy".

12Just a girl, the mountains, & her long legs.

His industry work centered around the interactions of nitrogen-bonded urea with silicone gel, which formed the basis for his later music work (under the band name Hell Orbs) as "Piss Admiral Dildo Captain."[11

Debt cancellation is part of God's plan

“I took your holy water and put it in my son's shoes,” she said. “I put it in his bed, I put it on his pillow, and my son joined the church and he got saved and he's still in church—and then I got $3,800 and new furniture.”

I want to put the dots on, man. I want to do that mo-cap thing.

Freemen refer to the court as a "ship", the court's occupants as "passengers" and may claim that those leaving are "men overboard".[

Levy's coffin had to be re-opened so that her leg could replace another unmatched leg that had previously been buried with her remains. The unmatched leg had been embalmed, which prevented authorities from being able to extract DNA to determine the leg's owner.[91] Jones argued that the leg could have belonged to another bomber, possibly John Doe #2.[91] The prosecution disputed the claim, saying that the leg could have belonged to any one of eight victims who had been buried without a left leg.[92]

alleging a number of conspiracy theories and describing the judge as a "Latino activist."

Churches are one of the safer places to have emotions.

Lego my eggo...destroy the ego..the girl 11 in Stranger Things loved eggo waffles...eggs also mean birthing a new race with the fallen angels.
Fertility goddess of the egg+0. Tribute to the false gods still works today like it did in ancient times.

Transformers: Car Robots (トランスフォーマー カーロボット Toransufōmā Kārobotto)

"They are draining life's blood from us, and expecting us to play by their silly rules. We will make the rules. I see nothing frightening about it... I am quite willing to break some lawyer's legs, and next break his wife's legs, and threaten to cut their child's arm off. That is the end of that lawyer. That is a very satisfactory, humane way of transmitting information. I really do want an ear in a glass of alcohol on my desk."[2

most foods are from nature before they are packaged. common is not common, hence your response.

      shaking legs 。◕‿◕。
      breathless moaning (◡‿◡✿)
      little body twitches (◕‿◕✿)
      curled toes (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
      whimpering (✿ ♥‿♥)
      quivering lips and glossed over eyes ♥(ノ´∀`)
      cuties having squirmy little orgasms ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

a campaign to encourage KFC and McDonald's to use improved methods of chicken slaughter in their factories,

To "slap" or "rapidly tap" the clit with your swinging balls

Urine therapy is self-sufficiency and that is a problem for those who wish to enslave us, economically or otherwise. When I fight, I am empty. I do this by not eating, and drinking all my urine until I defecate (poop) pure urine. I call it urine flushing, and yes, basically I piss out of my ass. That's how I know I'm empty and all my energy is available for the task at hand.

corpses look like love objects

Orphaned children can not run outside clothes to shame? ?

Denounce your Pig

When doctors asked the children if they had ever taken medication or pills, none knew what medication was.
They had limited exposure to the outside world and many did not know what a police officer was

it’s good to have people who are in that same space with you, like, “Oh, did you know that most people go outside every day?”

Herzog discusses the destructive capitalistic effects of television and mankind's lack of adequate imagery.[citation needed]

Lamo was removed from a segment of NBC Nightly News when, after being asked to demonstrate his skills for the camera, he gained access to NBC's internal network.[69]

Voltorb appears to be a living Poké[ball] with definitively shaped eyes that yearns for death via self-destruction.

I always thought his gameplay looked abnormally swaggy. Good work exposing him.

flooding and economic mayhem

liquid non sequiturs

put the pussy in a sarcophagus

tombstone hand and a graveyard mind

They based the premise on Roth's having contracted a skin infection while riding ponies at a family friend's farm in Iceland in 1991.

“drug personalities”

stages (known as "Warlock Zones")

a finely shredded tobacco product resembling hair.

One time DMT Waifu visited me on a breakthrough, stuck an instrument in my eye and put things inside of my head.

Mr. Leonard Bruce claimed that, you were involved in an Automobile Fatal Accident and did not survived it, the accident dated (7th of Jan 2015) he claim to be the beneficiary of the fund. Please, if you are dead or alive reply back immediately

One day, a girl named Subaru comes across a group of magical girls,

The early Mighty Mouse cartoons often portray Mighty Mouse as a ruthless fighter. One of his most frequent tactics is to fly under an enemy's chin and let loose a volley of blows, subduing the opponent through sheer physical punishment.

Judas' betrayal is seen as setting in motion the events that led to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection which, according to traditional Christian theology, brought salvation to humanity. Gnostic texts – rejected by the mainstream Church as heretical – praise Judas for his role in triggering humanity's salvation and view Judas as the best of the apostles.[2]

Helder planned to plant pipe bombs in mailboxes across the United States to create a smiley face shape on the United States map.

I can tell you one thing: this is a symbol of irreversibility. They can never eradicate the gun from the earth."

"People of goodwill should celebrate his achievement and success," Levine said.
Levine said of his client: "I think he will be a citizen about whom we can all be proud."

a case of "cursed bread" (pain maudit)

doll-like creatures

Most people who brux are unaware of the problem

(especially if you’re a fan of floating corpses, like I am).

For the past 2 years I've created mostly prank style videos. After YouTube started having monetization issues I decided to change it up and go back to bounty hunting,

When he was asked if he had sexually abused her, he said, "I did not harm her, I only killed her."[

a professor of film studies at University of California, Irvine, stated: "Analogue reproduction of the text rather than destroying the original's aura, actually reconstructs it. Materially the fallout of the image and sound mark each successive copy as an illicit object, a forbidden pleasure watched and shared and loved to exhaustion."[8]

Even the more sensitive boys were under heavy manners.

She once had a neighbour's donkey castrated while looking after it, on the grounds of its "sexual harassment" of her own donkey and mare, for which she was taken to court by the donkey's owner in 1989.[36

impeded by several muddy pools infested with Mud Demons. He begins injecting himself with Mud Demon venom in order to build an immunity

a claim that NASA scientists were "killed while investigating a meteor crash and giant eggs were found and incubated, yielding a flea the size of a hog".[35]

naked in his underwear

"I think there's a thickness in that city."

insane cyberfreak rapepunks

During screams, the lips retract and the ears are drawn back.

• Gender : Men, Women, Girls, Teen Girls and Young Students
• Casual Fashion Style to Show Your Perfect Slim Body

a “high-ranking” member of Young Slime Life, a subset of the Bloods

Such weapons designed specifically for women were called "muff pistols", due to their compact size enabling them to be carried in a muff.[4]

The series also includes a shot of a nudist couple sitting in their living room – but while we cannot see it, the photographer was also naked. “How does she do it?” asked Irving Penn while reporting on Arbus. “She put a camera between those bare breasts and photographed those nudists.”

The internet has always contained the seeds of postmodern hell.

Foraminifera (/fəˌræməˈnɪfərə/, Latin meaning hole bearers;

; it does not work that easy. You can't rationalize or disillusion yourself like Daffy Duck did.

and when my heart beats, it feels like a Mexican jumping bean inside a Lego 2X4-brick-size-thick heavy plastic container. ***thunk, plink, thunk, plink*** And this heart feels like it coverted [sic] its surface material to that thick, heavy plastic, and it Aches bad.

, build "soup hotels",

they said that I was loitering; I was NOT! I was there hoping to find an 18-23-year old, Boyfriend-Free girl, like I usually do.

a red marble in a can of lard.

formed in the interior of a parent body

the pet would only poo after prayer, regardless whether or not the user praises them.

Sometimes cases of sickness cannot be cured. These cases lead to death.

queen of the Strangledome

       i︲m   ghost    ⸺    i︲m   pest       ×

Shocked, disgusted... There's no emotion to feel what we felt

A follow-up tweet from the hospital’s account clarified that the testicles were not transplanted, for “ethical reasons.”

The player controls a strange skinless humanoid, lost in a nightmarish world filled with odd creatures and macabre tapestry, resembling a living techno-organic structure composed of steel, flesh and bone.

Despite physical analysis, and the unusual presence or use of hand lotions, no sign of "masturbation discharge" was detected at crime scenes.[

received texts from the inventor [..] saying he had "a murder plan ready in the submarine."

these time i was betan to the point

Dont cry bhaves some one are care for you your exceptional eating experance

I was there too and i loved to see it close with my own eyes.

a New York runaway found "rolled up like a ball" in a Los Angeles ravine

We continue down the road, bathed in red light, chased by spiders.

I'm super sex-positive, so I enjoy being horny.

a Japanian girl, maybe the same on the cover with bare-naked tits. [...] So we'll be listening to some manga porn soundrack? The second song adds some horrible screaming here making this S/M manga porn, maybe? But there's no video. Why? What's the point in S/M manga porn without video? Who the hell would buy porn on a CD?

a dark-skinned boy, tigers, and a pale, magical unicycle-riding man called "The Treefriend".

新ムーミン Shin Mūmin

"The last thing he said to me was, 'You better get some ice for that.' And he put on his sunglasses and walked out the door," she recalled.

In 1992, Bianchi sued Catherine Yronwode for US$8.5 million for having an image of his face depicted on a trading card; he claimed his face was his trademark. The judge dismissed the case after ruling that, if Bianchi had been using his face as a trademark when he was killing women, he would not have tried to hide it from the police.[4][5]

Ashes Of Woman Who Died In Police Custody Thrown At LAPD Chief

Earwigs have been known[49] to sometimes crawl into the ears of humans, but they do not lay eggs inside the human body or human brain.[50][51]

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There's no easy way to tell a son or a daughter that even Spider-Man is mortal,

Who are we to demand that the doctors exist for our own need? The thought is utterly despicable.

its that fuckin zeiguist where no one has the asexual cojones to stop stupid shit from being a witch hunt infront of an all witch audience and you can't say anything that any shatterminded cumswaggle can ascribe to it for a cheap win

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"What does it feel like to have Kurt's blood pumping through your veins?": The Incredibly Strange World of Grampa Cobain's Fan Mail

Allegedly held captive for years, Turpin children now 'happy' and Skyping

He rubbed John's leg
to remind him he wasn't in the hole alone.

Fighting a black depression, he crawled back out of the hole, stopping every few minutes so he wouldn't vomit.

, you got gifts from the things that you observed. You’d see [...] William Burroughs in a three-piece suit and you knew he had a derringer in his belt and his cane was a sword.

performers whose only crime was to rape a porn star


I occupied the dance floor with too few others, standing in black pools of light.

Watkins had referred to his sex offences as being "mega lolz" in a recorded phone call made from HM Prison Parc to a female fan.[20]

One of the more peculiar facets of my journey through addiction is the joy I've taken in becoming welcome in the hood, not as 'white boy' but as 'my man [given name].'

I am dropped ④ ⑥ Is the tissue dead? Wiped away the blood?

Are you a woman? I recognize my base animal instinct to rut into your fronthole until completion.
But I resist that urge because that urge is what has created this disgusting society we live in today. You're welcome.

the sheriff was "hooted down"

One day, following a busjacking incident, Yūta finds himself ejected from his own body and becoming a spirit. Guided by the cat spirit Chiranosuke, Yūta must learn to master his spirit powers in order to protect his housemates from the various circumstances they find themselves in. However, if Yūta sees a girl's panties twice in a row, the Earth will be destroyed by a meteor.

rock & roll isn’t even music really. It's a mistreating of instruments to get feelings over

What does it do to brains and bodies to stare at a screen all day? What portals are those screens, and where do they lead?

conversion of a child into a person

I was on a mission, my goal was to just get a shit ton of tattoos.

One attendee brought two giant tubs of mayonnaise to celebrate whiteness.

the stench of the newly uncovered dead hangs over

Men and boys clad in stringy bark skirts stride onto the dancing ground clutching replicas of chain saws carved from jungle boughs. As they thump their feet in time to their own singing, they slash at the air with the make-believe chain saws. “We’ve come from America to cut down all the trees,” they sing, “so we can build factories.”

The obituary writer of the in-universe newspaper the Daily Bugle once bemoaned to reporter Ben Urich about how many retractions he has had to write after each resurrection of a superhero or supervillain.[23]

“Highly ranked senators have said that the medical school and wolves are linked. If wolves continue to go poorly, there won’t be a new medical school,”

Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots (CREEPER) Act

I’ll always be the girl in the dumpster, hoping my existence is bringing him some semblance of joy.

Who refuses chemo because they don’t want their Rasta locks cut off? [...] She thought she could cure herself with witch doctors.

Upon entering his apartment for further investigation, officers noticed pornography spread out across the floors. He also had his refrigerator fully stocked with Kool-Aid.

it’s not like, fun to be forced out of your own body?

Prisons are not places for rehabilitation or learning to understand yourself or your actions. They’re monster factories.”

Newell and Backman then began a discussion about possible psycho-sexual alien behaviors and clinical descriptions of disturbed adolescent sexual fantasies. The sexual themes of some of these enemies were intended to elicit a response from the innate homophobia of 14-year-old boys, a significant portion of the targeted audience for the game.[2]

People not even living at this moment do not have the right to aggress against living things.

Imprisonment in the Death House

Turly Gang

Cashier pops her tit out as a power move while berating a customer

She was whip-smart and stunningly beautiful as a teenager. “I was a hot babe with teased hair and white lipstick,” she says. “My mom sent me to boarding school so I wouldn’t get raped by a miner.”

players lament the allegedly ropey state of the game

Standing beside Putin on Tuesday Trump said, “I have President Putin.

The secret to their swimming success? Hairy, greasy bodies.

the more wet, hairy, and smelly, the more attractive the animal is

upon stepping into the Ether Dome, I noticed that it smelled a bit, well...funny in there.

At my high school, we had a mummified Native American boy, kept on the top shelf of a closet.

eventually a laryngectomy was performed. Unable to eat or drink, MacKerrell resorted to injecting alcohol directly into his stomach.[

the assembled and hungry crowd of ‘needy men’.

He is the zeitgeist embodied. He is the figure of this situation and of this time, of the cloud, of the spectacle gone online.

“They exploited my state of mind for profit and notoriety,”

Jones often visited his grandmother's house in the Studewood area of Houston. He credits her with giving him the ideas to pursue rap, to use his real name, and to write songs for strippers.[2]

Recently, however, like a large majority of the women in this world, her Instagram profile was removed.

recommending that Scientology practitioners send those under their care to doctors when organic defects may be found

At one stage Travolta croons: "'Reality is me, reality is you. Yeah, yeah, yeah...'"

In his 1983 interview with Penthouse magazine, DeWolf said he was born prematurely at 2 pounds and 2 ounces after surviving an early abortion attempt; his father constructed a makeshift incubator with a shoe box, later a cupboard drawer, and used blankets and an electric light bulb to keep the baby warm.[1][2]

You’re my pockets Daddy. ♥

On several occasions Smith has been moved to tears describing attributes of the Batman.

He was like, 'That's a marshmallow. That's a child. That's a dog.' It wasn't mean — he just seemed confused.

“there is not a demographic out there that does not want to buy a ghost town.”

"I look like a homeless boy most of the time, which is good," Nobis told Confidential.

arguing with the judge about the purpose of sending a man to prison "for crossing an imaginary line with a bunch of plants",[4

Guinea pigs show passive resistance by rumbling as they walk away or, “rumblestrutting

Chutting and whining are sounds made in pursuit situations, by the pursuer and pursuee, respectively.

A milky-white substance is secreted from their eyes and rubbed into the hair during the grooming process.

ASMR signifies the subjective experience of "low-grade euphoria"

They don't really want to die, they want to ascend to be with the gods and live forever. They want to transcend this life. They understand that drinking and eating the most putrid and disgusting things is a source of power. The juice, the charge, that's what they crave. The charge is demonic.

This special sauce or energy juice is "pizza."

Lady Gaga bottled and sold such potions

If those who crave such energy drinks were your friends they would not be carrying on with their dark secrets. Are you alert and watching?

After a while you become aware of nothing but a culture of feeling, of black days,

I just wanna have fun on my skateboard, but it’s hard when you’re almost 40,

Shayne’s impulse to escape extended far beyond prisons and banks and could not even be bound by the parameters of space and time.

“K-pop is quite a powerful means of propaganda. It depicts South Korea as a hyper-modern, wealthy nation solely populated by passionate and attractive people.”

The 29-year-old rambled about "sweet nothings" and doing "barrel rolls" to air traffic control before crashing the plane into an island

Compelled To Submit to the Touching

reduce your baby's carbon footprint

children will often conform to the opinions of the robots.

a parenting arms race, with everyone desperate to raise the most profitable children.

As the virtual environment cannot even keep track of the exact number of monsters in the first place, an agent that is able to survive the noisier and uncertain virtual nightmare environment will thrive in the original, cleaner environment.

Marvel as the pro skater dismisses the haters and moves fluidly on from “all that negative crap.” Watch them practice gratitude daily on the apps. Feel the love of each moment.

He expressed himself appropriately for the time in which he lived.

— they called themselves the Harlem Gun Crew —

we called it The Fecal Ziggurat: pure anarchy and humanity!

They fling their afflicted bodies at him, demanding miracle cures and divine secrets.

vowed to never be "out-niggered" again and thus began his long dark march into history.

Guests can peer into a tank of white ooze representing a lifetime’s manufacture of semen, then settle in to watch a giant cartoon, on loop, in which a boy and a girl traverse puberty side by side.

I emerged from my goth phase by listening to every syllable Rush Limbaugh uttered.

"I believe Ted has one of the greatest contributions to make to society. "

. … I have always dreamed of a band of men absolute in their resolve to discard all scruples in the choice of means, strong enough to give themselves frankly the name of destroyers, and free from the taint of that resigned pessimism which rots the world. No pity for anything on earth, including themselves, and death enlisted for good and all in the service of humanity—that’s what I would have liked to see.

; one transformation being that of National Man into World Man.”

Police shot the suspect dead as he came out of a house firing from the hip and screaming "Kill me!"[12]

described him as being violent and "capable of hitting his mother,"

the vermillion border

Pooh, a pantless bear prone to sentimental observations about love and companionship,

I was dazed and my head was totally massive".

If you are pregnant please consult your doctor before using Ear Seeds.

serious adult themes including divorce, drug use, the challenge of maintaining work/family balance, mind control, alien abduction, illegal organ harvesting, and murder.

If someone doesn't like blood and rotten flesh thrown in their face they can FUCK OFF

The Arab slave trade typically dealt in the sale of castrated male slaves. Black boys at the age of eight to twelve had their scrotum and penis completely amputated. Around 9 out of 10 bled to death[citation needed] during the procedure, but the high price brought by eunuchs on the market made the practice profitable.

Did you breakdance crew have a name?
We had the sickest name in the world, we called ourselves the Floor Lords. We were the fucking Floor Lords.

If didn't have to put up with the ears ringing and the drunken effects, I would enjoy flashbangs.

Some bands that include breakdowns in their music, also use "mosh calls" or pre-breakdown lines. For example, the band "The Hearkening" from Flushing, New York, uses the line "Not yet grasshopper" before the breakdown in their song "Developed in a Darkroom", to which the audience responds with violent spin kicks, windmills, and hitting the air.

a frolf ball [what frolfers call frisbees ]

The wave breaks around the bridge were dislodging before it opened, calling it "Normal". The new rail terminal is sinking and taking everything on the block with it. I swear it is within tolerance. They keep finding hidden rooms not on the plan like it's some old school DOOM level with the first being found by a rando pretty much just hitting open until he found a secret within hours of opening. No BFG found.

Golf (ゴルフ Gorufu)

Bony, empty face that wore its emptiness openly. Bare throat. A blouse thrown on.

, "I am nothing; everything about me is vanity.

One bullet entered her right cheek and exited behind her left ear.[37] The other went in her lower jaw just below the lip, breaking it and splintering out several teeth before lodging under her tongue. She dropped to her knees but soon managed to get on her feet.[38] She ran to get a pistol from the living room, but she was blinded by her own blood.[
, leaving behind a "virtual river of blood" and teeth throughout the house and across the street. Barefooted and still in her blood-soaked nightgown, s

Yeah, the event is a parody because that is what entertains the root nature in the general mass of people.

What about now? Are you happy with your own body? You eating pizza pastas like a normal girl? 🙂

going to a toilet farther away to wash her hands showed an “innocent mind” and not the conduct of someone who knew she had poison on her hand.

hopefully, a little kid somewhere gets hurt

What is a noise and what is not a noise? What is an information? Answer me, everyone.

Years of dance classes [...] helped hone the young girl’s innate suppleness and refined physicality.

What’s worse than finding a copperhead in your flower bed? Finding a two-headed copperhead in your flower bed.

I was wearing pajamas and my teacher predicted I would be an anarchist.

I’ve been arrested for possession of a spoon.

I think you mean areola. Her nipples are actually pretty long.

letting the romance of a “cool fact” blind them to what their common sense should be blinking at them in bright neon letters.

The estates or families of 21 of the 47 passengers filed lawsuits against Polehinke. In response, Polehinke's attorney, William E. Johnson, raised the possibility of contributory negligence on the part of the passengers. When asked by the plaintiffs' attorney, David Royse, what that meant, Johnson replied that they "should have been aware of the dangerous conditions that existed in that there had been considerable media coverage about the necessity of improving runway conditions at the airport."[31

The name has a double meaning: The fur color yellow pronounced as "yeller" and the fact that its bark sounds more like a human yell.

Historic traditionalists still say the "whiteface clown" is the one that takes charge and gives the orders. He is mischievous, but he's in control.

I put positive energy into the hat

, there’s a faint current of horror lurking beneath the green-white facade. The real Gamer Jokers of the world might seem like figures of ridicule when they’re sitting in their basements alone, but angry men fueled by grievance often rise up from the underground and try enact their own plans. And when a pseudo-admiration for a comic book supervillain can turn from a childish fantasy into something truly, frighteningly real, that’s when all the laughter stops.

At a dinner party, a friend clandestinely pulled out her phone. “I have a meme you need to see.”

we'll have to wait until next Valentine's Day to see if Sophie Turner will eat an entire sun.


It’s scary to be at the bottom, yelling up out of the hole, and all they shout down is ‘Keep digging! We’ll reach God soon!’ ”

he finds himself emotionally attracted to her, declaring his love by poking a hole through a shōji with his penis.

Subcultures that emerged in the early post-war decades include the "motorcycle-riding Thunder Tribe (kaminarizoku), the amplified-music-loving Electric Tribe (erekizoku), and the Psychedelic Tribe (saikezoku)."[1]

How build garden pond? We know and we are better.

. I definitely couldn't relate to all the words, but I could feel the authors emotions. They painted pictures in my eyes and made me think.

All of the victims were either partially or completely skeletonized;

I think a lot every day, and I’m thinking about how to support my shoulders.

leaving the shelter and learning to suffer.

the nylon-string guitar was suitable for "love songs", but its steel counterpart could communicate "fire".

“I brought a gift with me right here,” West said, presenting a mockup for a hydrogen-powered plane, which he called the “iPlane 1” and suggested Apple would design for Trump to use.

, dry falls, streamlined hills and islands of remnant loess, gravel fans and bars, and giant current ripples.

The threat of Centaurs for the Earth

persistent interrogations by a psychologist who called herself the 'yucky secrets doctor'.

[Jack] Thompson gave [Janet] Reno a letter at a campaign event requesting that she check a box to indicate whether she was homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual.

declared unfit to stand trial in the Utah state courts after screaming at a judge during a hearing to "forsake those robes and kneel in the dust."

Being so full of fear and despair, I considered matters to which I had never given a thought before, namely, the vale of tears in which we lead our lives.

"literally incapable of making music; when he tried to play harmonica his mouth started bleeding".[

we walked the 15 minutes over and found out this 'after-party' was actually a garden shed—which was tiny—that had four fully dressed people standing with their backs against the wall, and two fully naked people fucking in the dirt.

Yes, conspiracies are real and are evidenced regularly in our courtrooms. Our history books are drenched in the criminal schemes of power.

“He had long blonde hair, blue eyes. He had huge muscles and he was rich. I did like him a lot,” she said.

The sole inmate of the Phantom Zone who was not placed there as punishment for a crime is Mon-El, a Daxamite who fell victim to lead poisoning. Superboy was forced to cast him into the Phantom Zone to keep him alive, where he remained until the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes when Brainiac 5 created a medication that allowed him to leave safely.

it is revealed that the Zone not only has a breach through which other inmates had escaped, but were never heard from again. The imprisoned Superman and Quex-Ul use this method and travel through several dimensional "layers" seeking the exit into the physical universe. They finally encounter a Kryptonian wizard named Thul-Kar, who tells them he believed Jor-El's prophecy of Krypton's doom and entered the Phantom Zone through magic. Using the same breach, he discovered the truth about the Phantom Zone: all its levels are manifestations of the consciousness of a sentient universe called Aethyr. The Zone itself is an interface between the Earth-One dimension and Aethyr's mind, the outer layer representing its ability for abstract thought; the Zone is basically Aethyr's capacity to imagine other possibilities of existence.

First, they attack the Science Police

Abused Her With "Sex Lessons"

Friends interrupted. 8-1-66 Mon. 3:00 A.M. BOTH DEAD.

There is indeed a kind of animal, neither male nor female, a thing of the neuter gender, lately [1770] started up among us. It is called a macaroni. It talks without meaning, it smiles without pleasantry, it eats without appetite, it rides without exercise, it wenches without passion.[3]

He wrote the 1954 song "The Letter" which contained the nonsense lyric, "the puppetutes of love." According to an interview with Green, puppetutes was "A term I coined to mean a secret paper-doll fantasy figure [thus puppet], who would be my everything and bear my children."[1]

The world-famous Ghostbusters are back, and so are those slimy ghosts

That night, rats come in and slather around her. She kills one of them and eats a strip of its meat and drinks her own urine.

The internet isn't virtual, and in fact, it never was.

Just think about it – Airplanes thrive in places we don’t.

they were concerned about how audiences would accept three women fighting crime on their own.

The gun became so important to the British war effort that they even produced a movie, The Gun, that encouraged workers on the assembly line to work harder.

The CVR then recorded the cockpit door opening and flight attendant Deborah Neil telling the cockpit crew, "We have a problem!", to which Captain Lindamood replied, "What's the problem?" A shot was heard as Burke shot the flight attendant dead and announced "I'm the problem." He then fired two more rounds.

Neopets is consistently one of the "stickiest" sites for children's entertainment.

The camera is a little shaky as you flail around trying to keep you head above water, but it’s all worth it as you see your body dip below the surface and your limp limbs gently move with the waves. The only thing you can’t see is the grim reaper standing poolside, checking his list to make sure your body is the one he is supposed to collect.

You should also never refuse a gift once offered — but it is good practice to strongly protest the gift at first.

The Seasonal Rhythms of Ammonia

It feels like a great use of both that drug and my hacking skills.

Common nicknames are "pe-pe-sha" (Russian: ППШ) from its three-letter acronym and "papasha" (Russian: папаша), meaning "daddy".

the film's producer Laura Ziskin recalled having a disagreement with Murray that led him to toss her into a lake.

Hardflips used to be the worst “little kid” trick, but considering the button-mashing, mid-air combos kids are perfecting on Instagram today, a nice hardflip off a launch ramp feels downright quaint.

She is okay with viewers sexualizing a photo (“I’d literally be mad if people never jerked off to my photos—but I don’t want to know about it”),

“Today's small flight by drone is a big leap for global health,"

one of the most powerful weapons of what is today known as the "Wizard War"

your little cardboard avatar is cursed with the need to eat to survive, or suffer the relatively minor indignity of respawning nearby with none of their stuff.
the thought of those salty meat juices soaking into cardboard fills me with an unspeakable sense of dread. Can you picture the lower half of a boy’s cardboard face becoming sodden as he slides each uncooked steak into the letterbox opening he considers a mouth? Can you imagine his widening cardboard smile gradually losing its structural integrity, as it sags and tears under the weight of beef-water, until his jaw sloughs off the bottom of his head completely, disintegrating into pink mush like an off-brand kitchen towel?

At the age of thirty, Dicketts eloped with a sixteen-year-old girl called Alma Wood and married her, prompting a nationwide search to catch him before the marriage could take place.[17]

all he wants to do is jack into Jesus on the cross. He wants to feel that pain."[

Her catchphrase comes from the byproduct of young sheep, a lamb, called a lamb chop.

We’re all familiar with the infamous Food Pyramid.

I was so high and in so much pain I really felt like Samus.

he had mentioned his belief in the two perpetrators being "awesome gone".

Blood quantum laws

I love you, alive girl

may release a cucumber-smelling musk if touched.[14]

, a quiet couple who worked at the local turkey plant,

School Officials Investigating Racist Eighth Grade SoundCloud Rapper Lil Plantation

Occupation Poet, forger

a sub-chanter

Wayward from his earliest years, and uninterested in the games of other children, he was thought to be educationally backward. His sister related that on being asked what device he would like painted on a bowl that was to be his, he replied, "Paint me an angel, with wings, and a trumpet, to trumpet my name over the world."
From his earliest years, he was liable to fits of abstraction, sitting for hours in what seemed like a trance, or crying for no reason.
much absorbed in thought, took no notice of an open grave, newly dug in his path, and subsequently tumbled into it. His walking companion, upon observing this event, helped Chatterton and told him in a jocular manner that he was happy in assisting at the resurrection of genius. Chatterton replied, "My dear friend, I have been at war with the grave for some time now." Chatterton would commit suicide three days later.

Saw him in Houston in the early 70's. my drunken friend tried to buy him a beer. He said "this isn't my brand; leave me be boy". A beautiful memory. His music is ethereal and the solid truth.

The moon in the foreground is “mostly assembled and has reached a size large enough that tidal forces cause it to move outward, away from the 'placental' disk.”

During their trial, they stated that they thought she was faking a seizure, so they set her on fire again.

day in and day out, I hear their incessant pounding footsteps, and relentless, never ending activities.

“I can feel all of the blood in my face,” Brewis said as he bit into a hunk of tofu he’d saved to eat when he achieved victory.

, which advertised her services as both a kernal installer and prostitute.[

attempted to insert a zoom lens into the vagina of a schoolgirl in a park near her home and was confronted by the girl's father.

he advocated an anarchy of experience

“Is there Wi-Fi in Chernobyl?” someone asked idly.

Why this photographer documented his own death on Instagram

"I plummet to my death, yes," said one pedestrian, jokingly, about the hazard right underneath her.

David convinced his brothers to change the name of the band to Death. After their dad died in an accident, he tried to change the meaning of the word: "His concept was spinning death from the negative to the positive. It was a hard sell," B

In the 2016 film American Honey, Shia LaBeouf's rattail garnered critical praise.[5]

the violent subterranean of the ongoing gender war

In spring, 2017, a teenager walked up behind a woman leaving the Metro in Northeast Washington DC and put her in a chokehold: “Be quiet,” he said. And “delete your iCloud.” He grabbed her iPhone 6S and ran away.

"Often, when couples tell me about their sexuality, I tell them, 'I feel like you are masturbating in each other,'

They want to rebuild your home, they want to take away your hamburgers. This is what Stalin dreamt about but never achieved

"Murder has been normalized in fiction, while rape has yet to be normalized," writes Rape Day's creator

to be honest i find school shooters cringey
In the abstract, the idea of a school shooter is something anyone who dislikes homework can get behind. But in practice whenever I see a weird guy going around the school with guns shooting everybody i can't help but cringe.

I just found out my baby is a boy. What a nightmare.

humanoid robots known as "boomers"

The lynx, a type of wildcat, has a prominent role in Greek, Norse, and North American mythology. It is considered an elusive and mysterious creature, known in some American Indian traditions as a 'keeper of secrets'.[1] It is also believed to have supernatural eyesight, capable of seeing even through solid objects.[2] As a result, it often symbolises the unravelling of hidden truths, and the psychic power of clairvoyance.[3]

Lyngurium or Ligurium is the name of a mythical gemstone believed to be formed of the solidified urine of the lynx (the best ones coming from wild males).
The stone is discovered only when experienced searchers dig it up, for when the lynx has passed its urine, it conceals it and scrapes soil over it.
He also mentioned the belief that the hiding of the solidified urine was because lynxes had a "grudge against mankind", and deliberately hid what they knew to be highly beneficial objects for man.[7] This idea was apparently also mentioned by Theophrastus in a different, lost, work On creatures said to be grudging, and was still alive in the 15th century: "she hidith it for envy that hire vertues shulde not helpe vs".[8] Another version was that the lynx swallowed the stone and "withholt in his throte wel depe that the grete vertues there-of ne shulde nought be helpyng to vs"